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    Error code 69 MT09 Tracer 2015

    If you have an older model i think you can delete the error using the menu on the clocks
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    Error code 69 MT09 Tracer 2015

    It looks like the same thing I did on my Tracer 900, the back wheel is being driven through the gears whilst the front wheel is stationary You will need a diagnostic tool to clear it
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    Clocks have failed

    Have you tried unplugging the clock to power down then plug back in ?.
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    Plastic front and side grills

    Hi all Anyone who can help. I have a 2017 Tracer 900, I saw on an internet page about changing the plastic false air intake grills front and side ones to a plain type, anyone else seen these anywhere?
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    Stability with top box

    I was a bit lucky, the KTM tech who services my bro's bike helped me fit my Ohlins shock and eventually the fork setup meaning having to get my hands dirty 😳😆😆 but costing me a small handful of readies for his help otherwise I would have been stuck once I saw how fork springs are fitted
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    Stability with top box

    I have finally got my suspension sorted only after having the bike for 3 years eventually fitting Ohlins rear shock and 10nm K-tech fork springs with grade 10 fully synthetic fork oil. Within the 3 years of using standard suspension with a Givi 42ltr outback top box and 2 Kreiger bags now...
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    Stability with top box

    A top box intends to work like an airbrake making the front end to lift but make sure tyre pressure and the rear shock is adjusted to suit using whichever top box and weight is in it when riding. On Yamaha's brochure, I read they don't recommend using a top box but will gladly sell you one for...
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    Question Pannier side and rear rack help

    Hi Red Think i have sourced what the pannier mounts are, look at this attachment, the mounts are incomplete
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    Question Pannier side and rear rack help

    It looks easiest enough to just undo the 2 Allen bolts to remove the mounts
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    Question Pannier side and rear rack help

    Hi Red Have you tried taking off the pannier mounts to see if there's a makers name on them
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    New Member, Sydney Australia

    Hi Ozzie dude Enjoy the rides downunder, fast and fun
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    Unofficially it's out about 10mph at 100mph
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    Watch out for Error Code 5D ..60

    Hi Arnold 5D--60 error code ?? is this what shows on the display on your bike ?, i had a look at my Tracer workshop manual and if similar or even the same i cannot find 5D, 60 - System Error YCC-T; Maybe you will have to put a diagnostic tool on it to clear the error
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    New Member Checklist

    Excellent, go out and enjoy the rides on it