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    Handlebar risers compatibility

    ive just bought the yamaha riser 171 quid will review once fitted
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    clutch cable adjustment

    can anyone show me how to adjust the clutch cable at the engine end. `the retaining bolt I can loosen easy bit the upper nit is incased within the bracket and you cant get to it? so i cant adjust.
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    How do you minimise the sideway movement on my throttle. I have a washer floating inside but there is to much slide from some to side? Any ideas
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    New MT09 2017

    I sold my 2015 last year and thinking of buying the new 2017 version in black. Anyone bought one yet? Any difference in ride quality and build. I founfd my last one started to rust after about 6 months . or shall i buy a second hand speed triple for £8k
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    MT09 ABS 2015 for sale Mint Only 1800 Miles

    Its up for sale with a host of extras. Take a look. Decent offers accepted. Yamaha MT-09 ABS 847cc
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    how many miles ya done

    1600 since april 2015. I ride for leisure. No rust except a bit on chain which i clean and lubricate regular. Left outdoors.
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    rip off really
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    oxford heated grips

    i had mine mounted on the bars also. Got fed up with the bracket rusting. so took off bracket and rerouted the entire panel to the inner side of the front of tank. i will post a pic to explain. I realised i only ever used the buttons when setting off so hid the control panel.
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    annual service cost me £139
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    Hello and ahhhh I can't decide, help

    if you negotiate hard they will fit any accessories fro you at time of purchase. I had tail tidy, indicators, heated grips and alarm fitted for free labour. I just bought the parts from them
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    Hello and ahhhh I can't decide, help bargain
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    Hello and ahhhh I can't decide, help

    new on mate Are yamaha still doing the free ackra i got a free one last year
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    Belly pan for akra

    i have one. No adjustment If you have a yamaha slider fitted then they do an option for this.
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    2015 vs 2016 MT 09

    uk dealers are giving away free akra exhaust with all 2015 models worth £1100