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    riding two up.

    Most of this style of bike are top heavy simply due to the nature of being so tall. If you're looking for something easier to ride with lower centre of gravity I'd maybe look at bikes like the XJR which would also be nicer from a pillions perspective.
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    Rapid Bike Easy

    Yamaha know's how to build a bike within safe limits so I don't accept your point that it'll burn a valve out. The engine's are set to run slightly higher AFR in the closed loop area for emissions, but they are not running 'lean' in the damaging sense i.e. leaner than stoichiometric. I do...
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    hi from blighty

    Hi, how do you find that rear spray guard for stopping the rear getting dirty? I've thought about getting one before as the rear seems to get filthy easily after a drop of rain, but for the price not sure it was worth it.
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    Rapid Bike Easy

    I really don't like these modules. They basically fool the ECU into running richer from the lambda sensor signal (only in the closed loop). A proper remap would be much better IMO and much safer long term. Also the perceived standard mode now being like A mode wont be true, because the...
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    MT09 Noise

    I wear earplugs, but can hear the whine in 6th over them. I was a bit taken aback by it when I first test rode the bike, but I bought it from a trusted friend who'd put 15k on it and he said it's done it since day 1 with no issues, so like I say I've just taken it as one of those things from...
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    MT09 Noise

    He's not correct that it's down to the rev's, it's simply the way the gears are cut. 6th gear is very whiny and loud, just what they call a 'characteristic', but nothing to worry about. Also these engines are very flexible and I find it's fine in 6th even as low as 40mph, so it's no problem ;)
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    Topping out at 142mph mid 5th gear and gaining nothing in 6th

    It still wouldn't make much difference because he's already mentioned he's got no push left even though it's not red-lined, which means the bike has run out of power for the gearing - the MT09 makes peak power at around 10k rpm, so the fact he's changed to 6th at 9.5k rpm means the power is...
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    Topping out at 142mph mid 5th gear and gaining nothing in 6th

    Simply put, you are already using all of it's power and you have reached the limit. You have to understand how gearing works - for the increase in speed a gear gives, you have a proportional drop in torque. Because of this, simply adding gears (or changing sprocket sizes) is irrelevant with...
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    MT09 Noise

    Do you find it in any particular gear? The reason I ask is mine does it in 4th and 6th - 6th gear has a pretty loud whine I can hear over my earplugs, but at over 16k miles it's clear it's simply how the gear is cut (I presume) rather than an issue. From reading on here it seems it's one of...
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    *****aftermarket ecu flash*****

    The dyno is really so they can tune your bike to any mods you may have, If you have a 100% stock bike then I'd say there's little in it, but if you have a modded airbox/K&N with race exhaust etc etc, then it's worth getting the dyno time just so you're 100% sure it's all at the optimum fueling.
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    *****aftermarket ecu flash*****

    Don't go chasing HP gains with these bikes. You can scrape a few HP here and there with some hardware mods and the associated tuning, but these reflashes are more about the 'rideability' of the bike and bringing it all together how it should have been out of the factory. A few HP can be...
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    Information I'm back !

    Nice one, I have a 2016 Tracer and would be keen to hear more on the differences between the old model and the newer GT. Worth the upgrade or just tweaks here and there?
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    New chain!

    Probably good the front was tight - I've heard of people with MT's where the front sprocket nut was finger tight which was a bit worrying.
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    Stock Exhaust Mod

    For a NA engine, the important design is the scavenging, which is done before the cat in the header pipes using the cross sections. These create low pressure in the adjacent pipes to help 'draw' the exhaust gases exit from pistons about to open the exhaust valve. Once through the cat, which is...
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    MT09 2017 ABS won't start off button but when bumped runs fine?

    I'd take a look at that crankshaft position error. That can also cause problems with starting.