I have recently bought the side panniers and mounting system for my bike and used them once on a trip to Luxembourg, where they were excellent, easy to take on and off and you can detach the racks very easily when you don't need them. However I am planning a much longer trip of several weeks next year and realised that I need larger cases. Therefore they are up for sale.

They are actually Yamaha branded SW Motech bags as are the mounting racks so the quality is very good, the cases lock to the racks and they have padlocks. They have waterproof inner bags. Yamaha Soft Luggage and Rack system for Sale-qt0ejj4as0ogvuytrzu6xw-jpgYamaha Soft Luggage and Rack system for Sale-cpl5aoxotqootbzdpa318q-jpgYamaha Soft Luggage and Rack system for Sale-ujz4-khst9aiqwvuknjxwq-jpg

I still have the original box and packing to can post anywhere in the UK.

They cost me 483 and I would like 225.

I thought I'd offer them on here before putting them on eBay