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  1. stevecbr

    Undulating drive

    My original chain lasted 29500 miles, and I only changed it because of a couple of tight spots. The chain itself had not stretched, and the sprocket teeth were not to bad. I regularly oil my chain with gear oil, it does flick off quickly but my chains always seem to last well
  2. stevecbr

    Hi 👋

    Hi & welcome, I have the original 1st gen, bought October 2013 and now done 38000 miles
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    I run the Michelin Road 5, have had 3 or 4 sets on so far (bike done 38000 miles), they last me about 6000-7000 miles, fairly fast road riding.
  4. stevecbr

    MT09 Clocks/speedo have failed

    Solved now, bought a 2nd hand replacement from Ebay. It appears a common fault, quite a few people on MT facebook page have this problem. The ribbon just pulls out and plugs back in, just be careful and not ham fisted. Apparently this ribbon cable can come loose, but wasnt the case with my unit...
  5. stevecbr

    Undulating drive

    Tight spots on your chain (ie seized links). Try oiling, if problem still exists its time for a new chain
  6. stevecbr

    Chain Lube

    I have used gear oil applied with a toothbrush for years. It does fling off and needs to be reapplied every couple of hundred miles, but I changed my original chain and sprockets on my MT09 at 29500 miles. Sprockets weren't that bad, chain had a couple of tight spots, but hadn't stretched much
  7. stevecbr

    Mirror strip down

    I painted mine with smoothrite years ago, they still look OK today. Mines a 2013 with 38000 miles
  8. stevecbr

    MT09 Clocks/speedo have failed

    In case tou wondered whats inside the casings, photos attached. The LCD screen ribbon is circle in red, apparently sometimes this comes loose causing the screen to play up, this can be clipped out and reinserted
  9. stevecbr

    MT09 Clocks/speedo have failed

    Photos of my 2013 non ABS connector block, and a 2017 block, and this model has ABS,QS and traction. Only issue I can see is warning lights for ABS, QS and traction light up, but if I swap over cases the lights wont be visible
  10. stevecbr

    MT09 Clocks/speedo have failed

    I contacted scorpion electronics, cartronics and autotronics, they said it was a common fault and is not repairable. Carmo UK suggested they may be able to repair, but I think there is a £50 charge plus postage to have a look first, which seems a waste of money as I have already been told it...
  11. stevecbr

    side stand attachment play

    My 2013 MT09 has a lot of play to
  12. stevecbr

    MT09 Clocks/speedo have failed

    They are currently removed from the bike and are in a bag of rice in my airing cupboard (in case of water damage, although there are no visible signs of water damage and the terminals look clean). Battery has also been removed and is on charge. I will re-install them both this weekend and...
  13. stevecbr

    MT09 Clocks/speedo have failed

    I have a 2013 MT09, I have owned from new, and its covered 37500 miles. Today the clocks/dash started to fail and froze up. After stopping and restarting the bike, the bike runs fine, the neutral/indicator/main beam idiot lights work, the screen lights up but there is nothing showing on the...
  14. stevecbr

    riding two up.

    I regularly take my kids on the back, no luggage, total weight about 18 stone, its OK up to about 100 miles in a day. Obviously dont go that fast with my kids on the back, the rear shock gets easily overwhelmed when pushing on, more weight would only make things worse
  15. stevecbr

    Ecu flash Norfolk UK

    Hi & welcome. I'm from Wymondham and got my 2013 MT09 new from Tinklers 7 years ago. Mine is still on the original map, but I have modified my original exhaust. The nearest tuning place around here is Track Electronics at Rackheath. I havent personally used them, but I know people who have and...
  16. stevecbr

    Tyre choice for UK Tracer rider

    I have the PR5's on my MT09, I have previously used the PR3's and really cant tell the difference, they both handle great, warm up well, and last about the same time (6000 miles +)
  17. stevecbr

    Clean Bikes

    I use mine all year round (its a 2013 MT09, now done 35000 miles) but I have 2 bikes, so if the weather is really crap I tend to use the 2nd bike (Yamaha XMax 250). To be fair, my MT still looks good, even at this mileage, but it is garaged, and I use acf50 and scottoiler fs365
  18. stevecbr

    Plast-dip'ed the Tracer

    just been reading about it. So, no primer or top coat? Just your 4 coats and thats it? Will be interesting to see how it peels if, and if its effected the original matt grey. How many cans did you use, and were they the 400ml cans?
  19. stevecbr

    Plast-dip'ed the Tracer

    looks more browny/orange in the photos, however does look like its been applied properly. Is it simple to do?