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  1. Littlebruv

    Engine warning light on

    I, ve just had my engine warning light reset by Lambda m/c for £17.50, Reminded by the shop I was not the 1st and will not be the last :oops::LOL:
  2. Littlebruv

    MT09 SP engine light on, and no response from the bike when I attempt to start.

    Many thanks for the quick reply, i will have a look
  3. Littlebruv

    MT09 SP engine light on, and no response from the bike when I attempt to start.

    Does anyone know how to reset the engine warning light after accidentally running the bike in gear whilst on the main stand, this was first due after having to refit a fully charged battery
  4. Littlebruv

    Tracer headshake cure.

    I replaced the original handguards for Puig ones on my 2017 Tracer 900, it has made a bit of a difference so far even when loaded with luggage. suspension wise i just upped the rear standard suspension to 4
  5. Littlebruv

    Quiet here innit ?

    I think nearly all the subjects concerning the MT09 as been answered and mainly resolved at this present time but no harm in asking any late repeated questions. One which I have is anyone using the latest Michelin road pilot 5 and just how good are they as I am considering getting a set once my...
  6. Littlebruv

    Yamaha aftermarket luggage

    Usually the aftermarket aluminium cases have to use the makers adapter plate and rack like the Givi type for the Tracer900
  7. Littlebruv

    Helmet Bluetooth

    Custom made earplugs with mini speakers are about £130 but are well worth it in the long run, as long as your headset as an auxiliary socket for them
  8. Littlebruv

    Helmet Bluetooth

    Why not have custom made earplugs with speakers inside them and plug into the Bluetooth headset if you can afford them, that's what I use with my scala system
  9. Littlebruv

    Rear Brake Pedal Adjustment ??

    Have a general inspection of the pads and check for wear
  10. Littlebruv

    drive chain dust?

    Tensioned it correctly with wheel aligned right as well
  11. Littlebruv

    What USB charger

    I have compared the Tracer power socket against my brothers KTM one and come to the conclusion is the Tracer one is CRAP.. I use duct tape to hold my tomtom charger plug in place, i'm sure Yamaha must of got the power socket from a car accessories shop
  12. Littlebruv

    Which braided brake hoses?

    The 2 hose version as an extra long banjo bolt from the master cylinder
  13. Littlebruv

    Which braided brake hoses?

    What do the standard hoses look like ???
  14. Littlebruv

    Phone as GPS

    Have you used it abroad ?
  15. Littlebruv

    Phone as GPS

    great...thx for the reply
  16. Littlebruv

    Phone as GPS

    The alternative routes are good for if there is any trouble on route like road works
  17. Littlebruv

    Screen - Faco Cupolino Fume

    I use the Palmer product mount and screen, it seems a bit expensive considering both are bought as separate items but have done the job quite well a few times with rides through Belgium and France, even when the rain was heavy.
  18. Littlebruv

    Phone as GPS

    Do the phone map apps have alternative routes apart if you have downloaded tomtom or Garmin app ?.
  19. Littlebruv

    Which braided brake hoses?

    I haven't had brake lines done by them but have had cables, they have a good reputation
  20. Littlebruv

    Which braided brake hoses?

    That is a weird one