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    Mt09 for beginners

    My speedo reads about 10% high, so if you are increasing wheel speed for any given engine speed, I.e. fitting a smaller rear sprocket, you do have a margin to work with and might even end up with a more accurate speedo.
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    Mt09 for beginners

    Is the speedo drive in the gearbox? These days of ABS I would have thought it would be from a wheel speed sensor?
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    PowerBronze Hand Guards

    I get it. I just think the OEM guards look a bit crap, and don’t work either. I think my bike looks better with no hand guards, but if I have to have them for riding in cooler weather, and I am a bit of a wimp, I’d rather have a set that work.
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    Not complaining, but.....

    Yes, depends on the position of the sun wrt the screen, obviously, so not a problem all the time but when it is the screen is totally illegible.
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    PowerBronze Hand Guards

    I swapped mine for KTM guards that actually keep wind and rain off my hands. Easy-ish to fit and narrower too.
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    Advice, Suggestions For Mods

    I wouldn’t ignore the front, but a spring change and new oil is cheap and good enough for me. I have a hyperpro rear shock and fork springs and it transforms my 2017 Tracer. It’s no perfect and fork cartridges and an Nitron or Ohlins shock would be better though twice the price. I can live...
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    Seat MOD on my MT09 Tracer 2015

    Glad your mod worked. I’ve tried wearing cycling shorts, and a pair of undershorts supposedly designed specifically for motorbikes and neither worked. It’s kind of strange but I can be out cycling for 4hrs and not get a sore arse, whereas 2hrs is enough on the Tracer. Maybe I should graft a...
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    Loose Screen Adjusters

    I replaced mine with Allen screws. I carry a key in case I ever need to adjust the screen. Also fitted Nyloc nuts on the end of the screws so that I’m less likely to screw them right out if I adjust the screen.
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    Advice, Suggestions For Mods

    Renthals are good. I’d put a suspension upgrade high on the list, it makes a bigger difference than almost anything else.
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    10%out of sync speed on the speedometer

    Mine is the same. When I changed the gearing on a previous bike I fitted a Yellow Box correction device, it was wired into the sensor circuit. Google might help you. Personally I just live with the error and adjust the speed in my head.
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    All the gear but........

    Got mine off eBay and it mounts the satnav above the clocks.
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    Tracer non-standard screen adjustment for wind noise

    Looks to me like you had to cut off the fixing lugs and drill some new holes to get it fit? Is it a double bubble screen or standard? I’m interested.
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    Tracer non-standard screen adjustment for wind noise

    Screen doesn’t show well in the photos, but the extender is the bit covered in yellow tape. Works for me, I’m about 5’10”.
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    Clutch slipping under load...

    Dunno how fast you are but the top guys have slots in the clutch lever so that the wind doesn’t force the clutch lever back ;)
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    First naked bike...its cold!

    Should have bought a Tracer in the first place! Can’t see much point in buying a Naked then covering it in ugly plastic. Buy a heated jacket and gloves, that would make a difference.
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    Hi from Stockport

    Bought my Tracer for similar reasons, the GS was just getting heavier every year, or was I skipping the necessary gym sessions. 😉. I also thought about a KTM but I’ve had one before, nuff said. It’s a learning experience, even more than Ducati ownership.
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    New Member

    I’d spend my cash on suspension before lashing out on a better noise. For the price of an Akro system you could completely change the bike for the better.
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    Ohlins Steering Damper

    I know you prefer not China but there seems to be lot of steering damper mounts for the MT09 at low prices from China. I’ve bought a couple of accessories: sidestand foot and screen extension, from Chinese ebayers and the quality has been good and value outstanding. I’d give it a go, anythin...
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    New bike - Front wheel knocking, floating discs?

    That sound like something that could affect any bike, though I’ve never heard of it before. There must be something wrong with either the pads or the callipers? Out of tolerance? Worn pad backing, or has someone filed the pads thinking that they were too tight?