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  1. woodie100

    What Bluetooth music phone headset

    Hello all, Been doing a bit a digging on line for a decent Bluetooth headset to link up with my phone for music and calls but it’s a mine field out there! So I thought someone else must have come across a decent cheap ish kit that the can recommend (or avoid if that’s the case!) Looking...
  2. woodie100

    Any idea where I can buy one of these or what make it is?

    Hi all Does anyone know who makes this and where I can buy one? It came recommended but I don’t know the make? Can anyone help??
  3. woodie100

    Offside Givi wind guard and bracket

    Had the embarrassing miss fortune of turning too quickly from stop at a right angle out of a car park and, before I knew it, I was heading down on the right side and got the tarmac. Luckily - A no one saw me B my right shoulder took most of the impact C the dlr light just turned in on the...
  4. woodie100

    Not complaining, but.....

    Hello all, With this recent beautiful bout of sunshine we are having and as my header suggests, not complaining but does or has anyone else experienced sever sun reflection off the Tracer LCD screen?? It’s really blinding so much so I have to cover the sun from reflecting off the screen as it’s...
  5. woodie100

    Tank lock bag

    HI all, Does anyone have a tank bag which locks onto the tank rather than magnetic type sitting gathering dust in their garage they would like to sell? trawling ebay but they are all quite expensive as ££s tight as usual Thanks JonB
  6. woodie100

    Rear lights

    Hi all Has anyone done or have any ideas how to improve the rear side/running light/back light on the Tracer? It seems a tad small and wonder just how effective it really is? I know they are LED lights but the side light/rear lights are so small just how effective they actually are? When the...
  7. woodie100

    Where can I wire DRL into a switched live feed?

    Hi all I have fitted 2 DRL on the crash bars and have run a live feed to the switch from the relay for the air horns but this isn’t a switched live feed so if I forget to turn them off (only a matter of time for me🙈) I’m going to have a flat battery at the end of my shift! Any help (please make...
  8. woodie100

    Side Panniers.....

    Hi all I have just bought a set of Givi E36 panniers to go onto my Mt09 tracer 2016, and also got a rough rack with the view to refurbing it. The rack is a Kappa Quick release Monokey k33 side case holder. Has anyone fitted one of these to their tracer and also are the instructions off the...
  9. woodie100

    Tank bag wanted (quick release type)

    Hi all I’m on the hunt for a quick release tank bag for my Tracer. Not desperate to have one so in no rush, but does anyone have one in a cupboard/garage they don’t want and looking to get rid of it ? I have set searches on eBay but nothing as of yet. As said in no hurry but thought I’d put...
  10. woodie100

    Dumb or not so dumb wiring question.....maybe??

    Hi all I have bought a pair of air horns to replace the rather wet stock horn. The problem that I have is that I have seen on YouTube that the positive from the battery goes via the switch to terminal 86 on the relay. I have sound which wire that connected to the stock horn, when the button...
  11. woodie100

    Recommendations for Crash bars

    Hi all Cos I love my MT09 Tracer and want to keep it nice n scuff free as long as poss I’m looking for recommendations for some engine/crash bars to protect the engine if the bike meets the floor sideways! Seen some on Ebay but before buying wondered what you all think or have used, you’re...
  12. woodie100

    What engine bar protection do you have??

    Hi I want to fit engine /crash bar protection to my new bike 900 Tracer3016 and have found these on ‘Fleebay’ Any thoughts on what’s best for all round protection and also reasonable price? Item number is - 372032391577 Thanks all���� JonB
  13. woodie100

    Morgan Carbtune 2 operational instructions

    Hi all, does anyone know how I go about balancing the carbs on my new (to me!) MT09 Tracer 2016? I have bought a Morgan carbtune2 and wondered from you knowledgeable people how I go about balancing the carbs as I have read it makes a massive difference (not that I think the bike is running...