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  1. woodie100

    ABS Rear Wheel Removal

    Hey all, Got to replace the abs sensor on the rear wheel. The rear sensor is out and tracing back the wire it goes up towards the back of the tank (nearest the seat) I know it has a terminal block on the end but can’t find where it goes to plug in. Any help would be very much appreciated…. (y)...
  2. woodie100

    Mounting your Tracer

    Buy high heel boots??? I'm vertically challenged and also have the comfort seat fitted. I always start on the sidestand from the left the lift my leg over. I too do not like the idea of standing on the footpeg whilst on the side stand, no specific reason just don't like the idea. Also have...
  3. woodie100

    Welcome Fatboy where about a are you in the world?

    Welcome Fatboy where about a are you in the world?
  4. woodie100

    Denali Sound Bomb Installation

    I agree, stock horn is embarrassing and way too quite. I sourced a pair of air horns and fitted them to the crash bars (Givi) I mounted the compressor under headlight using old horn mounting point. Also bought a Yam logo sticker to put on the end of the compressor to improve the look. Not as...
  5. woodie100

    What Bluetooth music phone headset

    Anyone else used one?
  6. woodie100

    Not complaining, but.....

    Now in the start of autumn i somehow don’t see this being an issue for a good while !!! Let alone test antibglare screen protector thingy!!
  7. woodie100

    What Bluetooth music phone headset

    What one John? I’ve looked it’s like the lottery/lucky dip !!🤯🙈🤫
  8. woodie100

    What Bluetooth music phone headset

    Hello all, Been doing a bit a digging on line for a decent Bluetooth headset to link up with my phone for music and calls but it’s a mine field out there! So I thought someone else must have come across a decent cheap ish kit that the can recommend (or avoid if that’s the case!) Looking...
  9. woodie100

    Any idea where I can buy one of these or what make it is?

    Thanks Littlebruv, how did you know that? Have you got/had one? Any good or rubbish?? Thanks pal
  10. woodie100

    Any idea where I can buy one of these or what make it is?

    Hi all Does anyone know who makes this and where I can buy one? It came recommended but I don’t know the make? Can anyone help??
  11. woodie100

    Get Your Throttle Body Cleaned

    What fuel additive do you use? Directly into the tank? (Please excuse the dumb question!) JonB
  12. woodie100

    Not complaining, but.....

    I understand that’s it’s a temporary issue. I have since found screen filters (but like a screen protector you get with mobiles) which defuse glare so I might try that next summer! The sun has not been so bright for a while now😕 Thanks for the replies! JonB
  13. woodie100

    Offside Givi wind guard and bracket

    Had the embarrassing miss fortune of turning too quickly from stop at a right angle out of a car park and, before I knew it, I was heading down on the right side and got the tarmac. Luckily - A no one saw me B my right shoulder took most of the impact C the dlr light just turned in on the...
  14. woodie100

    Hi there Shark!! Welcome to the forum. Introduce yourself to the band of happy bikers!!!

    Hi there Shark!! Welcome to the forum. Introduce yourself to the band of happy bikers!!!
  15. woodie100

    Not complaining, but.....

    Hello all, With this recent beautiful bout of sunshine we are having and as my header suggests, not complaining but does or has anyone else experienced sever sun reflection off the Tracer LCD screen?? It’s really blinding so much so I have to cover the sun from reflecting off the screen as it’s...
  16. woodie100


    Very good choice there Damien and a warm welcome to this site. You can get loads of help & tips from friendly helpful people. I have always found these forums very friendly and informative and has saved me a lot of cash too in repair bills! Upload a pic of the bike when you get a chance 👍👍
  17. woodie100

    Tank lock bag

    Looks a little fiddly getting on/off and I like the look of the Givi tanklock system. Thanks for the reply tho mate
  18. woodie100

    Tank lock bag

    Thanks for this, I’ll have a look at them . Cheers
  19. woodie100

    Tank lock bag

    HI all, Does anyone have a tank bag which locks onto the tank rather than magnetic type sitting gathering dust in their garage they would like to sell? trawling ebay but they are all quite expensive as ££s tight as usual Thanks JonB