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  1. 09Wes

    Swing arm Extension

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. 09Wes

    Brake strobe

    I feel a bit safer in traffic with one.
  3. 09Wes

    Question ECU variance over gen 1 and 2 bikes

    Say there how did you get that gen 2 headlight on?
  4. 09Wes

    Just waiting for the next ride

    Just waiting for the next ride
  5. 09Wes

    Brake strobe

    Who out the installed a brake light flasher? If so which product did you choose? I’m hesitant to cut and splice wires because some instructions aren’t clear to me. TIA
  6. 09Wes

    Question Decal Removal

    Didn’t work. Thanks just the same.
  7. IMG_2043.MOV


    We spend our money on candy and not decorations so I wheeled her out made the colors and there you have it.
  8. 09Wes

    On stand by.

    On stand by.
  9. 09Wes

    Question Decal Removal

    It’s worth a try. ✌🏼
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    All shined up and ready for a ride.
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    The Dark Knight shined up and ready to roll.
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    Big boy and little girl.
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    The lights look good even during the day.
  17. 09Wes

    Do I need a remap?????

    The only mod I made to my FZ IS A M4 slip with the baffle in, sans the remap. I did this about two months ago when it was still summer here in Vegas. I monitored the engine temp for about two weeks and it never went above 220•, stopped and sitting in traffic. In my experience putting on a...
  18. 09Wes

    Question Decal Removal

    The decals that are on the sides of the bike, forward just above the air scoops what is the best way to remove them? I’d considered a heat gun and a credit card to remove them. TIA
  19. 09Wes

    Ready, willing & able.

    Ready, willing & able.