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  1. Littlebruv

    Information Saw your lights on and thought I would drop in!

    Welcome jwm.. If fit enough you are never too old to ride, its the adrenaline wow factor that usually does it. Enjoy and be merry
  2. Littlebruv

    Rear LED turn signal replaced

    I have the Yamaha LED indicators fitted to my 2017 Tracer which as the brake lights incorporated in the rear indicators as standard, it's legal as the indicators and brake lights are separated
  3. Littlebruv

    New here

    Hi EricKent Is Kent your surname or the area your from ? There is loads of info, most is probably old but if your new to the Tracer then sites like these are a big help
  4. Littlebruv

    Brake strobe

    Brake light flasher ?? why need one
  5. Littlebruv

    Question Decal Removal

    WD40 maybe !
  6. Littlebruv

    Many thx

    Many thx
  7. Littlebruv

    Rear lights

    Which Tracer do you have? does it have the latter LED indicators?
  8. Littlebruv

    New Member

    Welcome fellow biker, enjoy the freedom whilst it last
  9. Littlebruv

    Original seat

    As anyone had their rider's seat modified for better comfort ? ie Different foam or gel padding and what was the outcome? a lot more comfortable on long rides
  10. Littlebruv

    Alternative forks

    Finally, Ohlins fork cartridges fitted with 9nm springs and Ohlins fork oil added, done a test ride Saturday, all seems ok, it felt better than the original cartridges but this is only a settling-in period, next will be a re-check, and set up to my riding style so hopefully, weather permitting a...
  11. Littlebruv

    Alternative forks

    Finally...going for the full Ohlins cartridge/springs upgrade, will now be able to experience the difference
  12. Littlebruv

    2 up riding

    Standard suspension?
  13. Littlebruv

    Alternative forks

    Has anyone here had the Ohlins NIX30 fork internals fitted and as it cured the so called 'KNOCK' when the forks compress ?
  14. Littlebruv

    Alternative forks

    I have the Ohlins rear shock with remote adjusted and swapped Metzler roadtec 01's for Michelin road 5 which for me as made the handling even better
  15. Littlebruv

    Alternative forks

    Hi Ballon Thx for the reply. Due to the fork rebuild i now have K Tech uprated fork springs with Ohlins 7.5 grade oil, just done a 170 mile run out on the bike to get things settled back in, will give it a few more long runs for the forks to be fully bedding in then recheck their setup
  16. Littlebruv

    Alternative forks

    Hi all As anyone put different forks onto a Tracer, not the internals but completely different forks. the reason for the asking was recently I had a low-speed front end collision and couldn't believe I bent not only the inner tubes but also the stantions as well, I compared the Tracers forks to...
  17. Littlebruv

    Theft attempt - opinions om insurance outcome

    If the frame is damaged then the economic cost would probably be cast as a right off. I had a low-speed collision into the back of a delivery van, the insurance classed it as a non economical repair due to the headlight on its own is nearly £1000, got the bike back and now fully repaired
  18. Littlebruv

    MT-09 Rizoma adapters for mirrors

    Don't the original bar ends unscrew using an Allen key to remove them then remove the insert if it as them?
  19. Littlebruv

    MT-09 Rizoma adapters for mirrors

    Any chance of putting the instructions onto this site for us to see
  20. Littlebruv

    Scott oiler

    A new problem has now arisen. It appears I can only get oil flow via Boost, not normal even on max flow and full sensitivity. I think this more of a problem with the program screen device rather than the oil reservoir, anyone else had this problem with the E system ?. Awaiting for a reply from...