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    Loose Screen Adjusters

    Mine was the same. I got a small rubber band and twisted it a couple of times over the adjuster knob thread as a temporary fix and it hasn't come loose again. I do like fast cheap fixes and nothing to lose trying
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    Seat MOD on my MT09 Tracer 2015

    I have a genuine Yamaha comfort seat but it never, for want of a better phrase, broke in. My wife took my cover apart on one side of the original stock seat and inserted the gel pads from a pair of cycling shorts. When we opened one side (which was all that was necessary to insert the pad) guess...
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    Fully synthetic oil used,next change can I revert to semi synthetic

    Thanks for your speedy response. I tried googling but could not find anything confirming yes or no, appreciated.
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    Fully synthetic oil used,next change can I revert to semi synthetic

    I used fully synthetic oil on my 6k service. Just wondering if I can use semi synthetic oil on my next change or do I have to use fully synth every time once fully is used? Thanks. Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find what I was looking for in search.
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    ECU Flashing.

    American ECU? Sure, I will look this Saturday when I can get to it again and type it in here. Thanks 2SC 8591A 00
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    ECU Flashing.

    EU or American ECU Owner of an EU 2015 Tracer and I am told the serial number on my ECU shows as American and is set up to American specs. I thought the bikes were the same identical bikes just different regulations on emissions etc? Can I not just reflash my ECU to UK specs? Thanks
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    Hello from North Wales UK

    Hi everyone. Hadn't had 2 wheels for 35 years then my wife bought me a Yamaha XJ6n for my 55th. Great bike to get back into things. Did a few K miles on the 600 and bought myself a new 2015 MT09 Tracer with all the bells n whistles. Loving every second of it, especially as I live in Gods'...