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  1. Sven

    Tracer parts for sale

    Hi JonB I’d put all my bits on here for about 10 days but had no response. So put them on ebay instead. Sorry you’ve missed out on the racks - Ive just posted them out! Take care.
  2. Sven

    Tracer parts for sale

    Also got a Haynes manual - like new. NOW SOLD
  3. Sven

    Tracer parts for sale

    I’ve traded my 2016 MT-09 tracer in (& got an Africa Twin). I stripped most of the parts off before trading it in, so now have several bits for sale. My bike was a 2016 & had only done 5500 miles. Please check for yourselves if the parts will fit other models/years. All are in very good...
  4. Sven

    Spark plug change

    What type of plugs do Yamaha fit? Are they standard or iridium/platinum? My last bike had iridium plugs as standard but Suzuki service schedule said change them every 7500miles. A waste of time & money as iridium plugs are good for 30000+ miles!
  5. Sven

    Charger socket

    BTW i bought an adapter with croc clips to use with the compressor, (direct off the battery). Something like these, 12V Car Automobile Socket Cigarette Lighter Battery Battery Clamps Croc Clips UK 766832078517 | eBay
  6. Sven

    Charger socket

    Blew my fuses using a compressor also. Replaced them with 4 amp fuses without any problems.
  7. Sven

    No rear brake light

    Probably just the switch has got a bit sticky from not being used. Tried mine last week for the first time this year & mine wasn’t working either. After stamping on the brake pedal 10-20 times it started working again. If that didn’t sort it, i would have tried pulling the spring which connects...
  8. Sven

    cleaning akra downpipes

    I’ve seen ‘Harpic Power Plus Max 10’ recommended by several people on bike forums. Never tried it myself so cannot confirm if its any good, but is cheap so maybe worth a go. (Though maybe try a small inconspicuous area first!) Search on YouTube & there’s plenty of vids on there of people using...
  9. Sven

    Kevxtx O2 controller

    Sounds good to me, I’ll have it. PM me with payment details (is Paypal easiest?) Cheers
  10. Sven

    Kevxtx O2 controller

    Hi Tony, I’m interested- how much?
  11. Sven

    12V hardwiring for GPS

    More info & pics here
  12. Sven

    12V hardwiring for GPS

    I've also got to do this, as just bought a Tomtom rider. There are 2 spare connectors behind the screen/dash. I've already used 1 to install a second accessory socket. I'm hoping to use the other for the Tomtom. Not yet decided whether i buy a plug or just cut off the existing one & crimp/fix it on.
  13. Sven

    Is the Tracer 900 as good as they say

    I've got Powerbronze handguards fitted. Haven't notice any difference from the originals! Only wobble I've had was at about 125mph (over the mountain I.O.M) & that was with a lot of blustery side winds as well.
  14. Sven


    Stop'n'go repair kit & Airman compressor.
  15. Sven

    Engine warning light

    @ El bandito I remember reading about a problem that customers were having on Audi cars. A warning light would come on & they had to go to the dealers to have it reset. But they were told it only came on after the ecu had registered the fault 5 times! Maybe Yamaha's are the same??
  16. Sven

    HEED Engine Bars

    Lots on the Suzuki Vstrom forum have bought them. They get good reviews - reasonable price, good quality & good customer service (even though they're Polish & English is not their first language!). Probably more popular on there than Suzuki, Givi or any other make.
  17. Sven

    2017 Tracer engine warning light

    The most worrying part of your post is that you clean/lube the chain with the engine running & in first gear. I've seen pictures on the internet of people who have lost fingers doing just that. I'd really suggest not doing it.
  18. Sven

    Silly question

    The year your bike was made & the year it was registered can be different. Sometimes bikes can sit in dealers for ages before being sold/registered. I've heard of bikes built 2 years before being registered! If ordering parts, you need to go by the year it was built.
  19. Sven

    Kevxtx O2 controller

    It does work on the 2016 tracer, doesn't it???
  20. Sven

    Kevxtx O2 controller

    CT/ Tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full so it won't let me.