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    New bike - Front wheel knocking, floating discs?

    I’d have thought if it was the brake discs it would only happen when using the brakes and not when bumping up a kerb. Sounds more like steering head bearings. If I’d only just bought it I’d have it back to the dealer.
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    up and down and bouncy bits

    The spring compressor. I recommend using two ratchet straps, relying on one and the strap tension equalising doesn’t work well.
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    Hyperpro suspension in my mt 09

    Agree it’s crazy probably wouldn’t have bought it if I’d realised at the time. Would have gone for a Nitron and fork springs from anybody, what’s the difference as long as the spring rate is right for your weight.
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    Hyperpro suspension in my mt 09

    I recently fitted a Hyperpro Streetbox kit to my 2017 Tracer. As I do hardly any pillion carrying I didn’t get the remote preload adjuster though I was surprised and disappointed to find that the preload adjuster is at the top/front of the shock and totally inaccessible. Adjusting preload now...
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    Tracer non-standard screen adjustment for wind noise

    I’m 5’10 and I’ve got an Ermax touring screen with a cheap Chinese screen extender on top. It’s worth at least 20mph and I can ride with my visor part open at 70mph. And it’s quiet. Shame it’s so ugly.
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    Uncomfortable seat

    I tried padded shorts, regular cycling shorts and the ones supposedly designed for motorcycle use, neither was much good. I also tried a strap on gel pad and that was awful, like sitting on jelly. I did find that the seat on high (with a 31” inside leg my preference would normally be low) and...