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    MT09 SP engine light on, and no response from the bike when I attempt to start.

    Cant complain for 35 quid tbh mate. No dodgey adaptors need to be used, just plugs straight in. Gets its power from the bike so no batteries either (:
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    MT09 OEM Quickshifter for sale!

    Off my 2018 MT09 SP... The bikes only done 3k miles, so its not done much! I'm only selling as I've gone for Woolich Racetools. These just plug and play into a 2017 and onwards bike... the plug is under the tank, at the front of the riders seat. I believe it will fit Tracer aswel as standard...
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    MT09 SP engine light on, and no response from the bike when I attempt to start.

    I bought this after i had the ecu flashed again and had a problem with the basic bluetooth OBD2 reader i did have (it went up in smoke when i plugged it in...)...
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    MT10 or suspension?

    depends how you use the bike. If its just a weekend blast then the MT10 is good.... the tank range makes it a pain over longer trips though. The 09 is a much more practical bike.
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    No Throttle Response on Start-up

    nope.... but could it be the TPS... only the first part is cabled isnt it.. theres a sensor further down in the system (which is the bit that does the different ride modes)
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    I've put roadtec 01's on mine and i've the same thing with the chicken strips. I had the Dunlops right over near the edge but at the same lean angle theres loads of tyre left on these LOL.
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    2017 Tracer engine warning light

    You can reset it yourself in the bikes diag menu. No need to visit the dealer and pay them (:
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    Every 2016 model MT09 is an ABS model???

    easiest way to tell is look at the front right disc. If its got a ring like this Yamaha MT 09 Tracer 2014-2015 (MT09TRA MT-09) ABS Sensor Ring - Boonstra Parts It's got ABS.. Theres also a sensor on there.. but the ring is the most obvious if you're not sure what to look for.
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    Letter to Yamaha HQ and no reply...

    regarding the surging.. have all the normal things been checked? Chain tension etc? I found mine was snatchier on/off the throttle but once on the throttle it wasnt too bad. That being said, i've had it flashed now by Stec and its spot on!
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    Letter to Yamaha HQ and no reply...

    They wouldnt be on an MT10SP, they probably had people lined up waiting for them anyway.
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    Mobile speed camara vans

    They can up to something like 8 cameras too. Although usually its just one in the cab that records you as you ride away, to get your plate. Sometimes they don't any video cameras in though and the ones on the bridges arent too much of a worry as most cant possibly see you riding away. I just...
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    Mobile speed camara vans

    The Tracers relaxed.. i sold the Tuono partially because you cant ride them at 60mph!
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    New MT-09 owner for the worst of reasons

    Welcome! Yeah cracking bikes... The VFR is getting outdated now imo. I've had one and it was a good bike.. but its just abit long in the tooth and hasnt moved on like everything around it has.
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    It is getting to a destination when short on time. You've then got time to ride the roads you went for in the time you've got, rather than adding a few extra days to the trip.
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    Okay.. so here goes... i'm 24! Came from a Tuono... wanted to do some touring this year so the bike needed to be good for 700-800 odd mile days atleast, so needed to be comfy... still wanted something quick enough and light enough to have a play on a Sunday too. Tried a Tiger 1050 Sport...
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    The tracer ecu flash is here..!

    Ah okay. Cheers for that. So basically.. it could well be exactly the same, we just haven't had enough time to know yet?
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    The tracer ecu flash is here..!

    Out of interest. whats changed for 2017 that effects the flash?
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    MT09 2017 Headlight Question

    christ. The video in the link is almost scary. Shame really. Youd think they'd be bringing it up to the Tracers headlight performance... they're pretty damn good...
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    Tracer Traction Control Questions - Help Please!

    The reason you couldn't get the front wheel to come up with the TCS on is because it also acts as an anti-wheelie function. If the back wheel is speeding up and the front slowing down, the bike recognises the wheels off the ground and cuts in the TCS to keep it down. It can cut in slightly...
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    MT09 New style Comfort seat for sale

    The Tracer seat is in 2 parts. With the locking mechanism at the front of the pillion seat and then at the back of the riders seat. I wouldnt of thought it possible for this to fit the Tracer, personally.