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  1. Luke_Price

    Genuine YAMAHA MT-09 17'+ Comfort Seat

    Selling after one use as I prefer the original. No damage or faults whatsoever and fits MT-09s from 13'-18'. £170 which includes p+p with Hermes. Payment through PayPal only, please. Sent from my EML-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Luke_Price

    CCT failure AGAIN!

    After 2000 miles my cct failed but replaced under warranty. Now I've done 24k miles and that's failed on me now. I checked with the dealer and they say my chassis number has to have one of the two cct's available. Part number :99999-04254 has anyone had there's replaced with this specific...
  3. Luke_Price

    Rear Sprocket Studs

    Has anyone encountered problems with their rear Sprocket studs? I have one that keeps spinning as I try to tighten it to spec. I've tried to have a look at the workshop manual and can't see if the studs are screwed into the rear hub or screwed into the dampers behind it. Any help would be...
  4. Luke_Price

    Oil leak from main output shaft behind front sprocket.

    Does anyone know if there is a seal here? I've looked at the manual and can't see anything about a seal/gasket. Just the bearing. I've noticed a little oil when replacing the sprocket, it's not dripping out but there is a slight leak. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Luke_Price


    Just ordered myself a new chain and sprocket kit (bitch of a tight spot), I accidentally added a DNA filter to my basket and ordered it [emoji50]... On a completely different website. How the f**k didn't that happen!? Ah well, MORE BIKE GOODIES FOR ME!!
  6. Luke_Price

    Maxton GP20 Fork Cartridges

    Good morning! I'm after some information that any of you may have about these cartridges. These seem to be a better option as both fork legs can have rebound and compression damping as well as preload. Can anyone here with this mod tell me how they are and how much they cost? Here's a link...
  7. Luke_Price

    Headstock stand

    Does anyone use a headstock stand with their MT? I bought one from M&P Direct but its not long enough to lift the wheel off the floor. If you have one and it lifts the wheel clear of the floor, what one are you using? Cheers!
  8. Luke_Price

    EBC Clutch Springs Install.

    Hello all, I've just ordered some new heavy duty springs and I just wanted to ask a question about the installation of them. Do I just need to loosen and disconnect the clutch cable from the pull lever and then the cover will pull away from the casing, or do I need to do anything else? I...
  9. Luke_Price

    A new kind of rattle :( (not CCT)

    Hello all, my bike has now got a rattle coming from the left side of the bike. Around the water pump area. My first thoughts were the Impeller but wanted to see if anyone has had this issue. It's not constantly rattling. It comes and goes when riding and only lasts for a second. The sound is...
  10. Luke_Price

    Hello from Costa Del Cymru!

    Hello to you all. If it wasn't that hard to notice, my name's Luke :cool: I recently picked up a 2015 MT-09 in Deep Armour with the Akro Ti can (AMAZING btw). I live in South Wales and I'm currently running the bike in, only 150 miles to go :D I can't wait to give it the beans! This thing feels...