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  1. woodie100

    Every year I think about changing bikes, and then I get back on the MT-09...

    Was thinking the exact same thing !! Sooo jealous ! I bet that door is electric too!! Hope you enjoy ano year on what I believe to be one of the best all rounder bikes for the money!
  2. woodie100

    Side Panniers.....

    Thanks for the reply. I have bought 2 Givi E36 panniers but the rack I had planned to use used the curved fitting rather than the flat type which I need! I lost out on an auction by £2 grrrrr! Thanks again
  3. woodie100

    i`m back , on my 3rd MT09

    Indeed they are a great all rounder bike, loads of torque to have fun with, v decent brakes and very forgiving on bends etc all in all well chuffed with it!! Enjoy it pal
  4. woodie100

    Side Panniers.....

    Does anyone know if there is a rack which fits using the rails on the MT09 Tracer? There are side rails with hanging points on 2 bolted on rails inc on the bike as standard I believe and wondered if there was an add on to convert these into pannier racks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
  5. woodie100

    Tracer parts for sale

    Hi Stu Didn’t know you were on here too! Really gutted about the pannier rack! Grrrrr Heyho Keep safe mate JonB (woodie1000)
  6. woodie100

    Side Panniers.....

    Hi all I have just bought a set of Givi E36 panniers to go onto my Mt09 tracer 2016, and also got a rough rack with the view to refurbing it. The rack is a Kappa Quick release Monokey k33 side case holder. Has anyone fitted one of these to their tracer and also are the instructions off the...
  7. woodie100

    Uncomfortable seat

    I had mine set to the lowest as I struggled to see through the rain on the screen and the visor. I have set it to the highest setting and I seem to like it at that height although I am a mere 5'7" in heels!!! I have 'treated' it with rain X but not very successful. I also have got the comfort...
  8. woodie100

    Which Exhaust system

    Has anyone managed to adapt the original exhaust on the Tracer to make it sound fruitier? I can't afford to change the exhaust system atm but would love it to sound a tad more throaty. Any easy mods that you know of? I have seen YouTube videos of cutting the baffle box in half and changing the...
  9. woodie100

    Greeting from Northern Ireland

    Welcome mate!! I’ve come from a history V twins and I have to say that the 900 Tracer doesn’t not disappoint me in any way shape or form!! It’s a awesome all rounder and you will not be disappointed when you do get out on it!! This forum is full of great reads, plenty of willing helpers when...
  10. woodie100

    coolant leak

    Same happened to mine 16 plate Tracer. Luckily was done under warranty too.
  11. woodie100

    Fitting Givi Engine Bars

    Done similar to you mate. The Givi instructions leave a lot to be desired but where I got thrown completely, was the bottom bar is the original one. I had to source a fitting kit myself and made it up from bolts bought spacers made from measurements off the instructions but got there in the...
  12. woodie100

    Who's done a tour on an MT09?

    Well looks like you have all the essentials Slab of beer on the back and some smalls in the tank bag! Job done 🤣
  13. woodie100

    Uncomfortable seat

    How do you find the Givi screen?
  14. woodie100

    Welcome to MT-09 / FZ-09 Forum!

    Hi there and welcome to this great forum! its a shame that you don't have the time to use your MT09, whereabouts are you? JonB
  15. woodie100

    Frame Sliders

    Well I went for Givi engine bars (2nd handoff eBay)
  16. woodie100

    automatic canceling turn signals

    if you find out, please share the info with us all!!! #pethateuncancelledindicators!!!
  17. woodie100

    *****aftermarket ecu flash*****

    I think they both look fantastic if I'm being honest.
  18. woodie100

    *****aftermarket ecu flash*****

    I havent met the previous owner but from the dealer was telling me, he was a perfectionist and also a blood biker so I am guessing not. (not that being a blood biker is in any way boring, in fact, I used to be one myself before I went on the lorries as their voluntary work is mainly due the...
  19. woodie100

    new MT09 2017 video Intermot

    I personally don’t like it. Looks like something that Judge Dredd
  20. woodie100

    *****aftermarket ecu flash*****

    I don’t even begin to understand how or the benefits of flashing the ECU on the bike. However, I watched a video on YouTube of how to quickly get rid of the snatchy throttle response by changing a setting with the mixture delivery (I think!!?) this has made a huge difference but not too sure...