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  1. Soapy

    Battery Terminal Rubbing

    I've not been on my bike for 18 months after a minor heart attack. I've had 3 stents fitted and up till now didn't feel fit enough to get back on a bike. I'm feeling better now and with the weather slowly improving in the NE of Scotland thought I would have a look over the bike. During the...
  2. Soapy

    2013 MT09 Original Exhaust. As new.

    Having a clearout. Original exhaust removed when new by previous owner who got an Akrapovic fitted. Offers plus postage.
  3. Soapy

    MT09 Sargent Seat

    Having a clearout. Sargent Seat from my 2013 MT09. Excellent condition. It has the DTX Grippy Cover rather than the Carbon effect as I found with the original I was sliding around with my waterproofs on. I'm looking for £250 ono plus postage.
  4. Soapy

    Filling Holes

    Thanks Folks, it's given me a few ideas
  5. Soapy

    Filling Holes

    I was fitting a GIVI Rack to my 2014 MT-09 today. Whilst putting the bike back together I noticed that where the Indicators and Tail Tidy number plate light wiring goes through there are quite large holes. I'm in the NE of Scotland and it rains a lot! We all know useless the rear Hugger is for...
  6. Soapy

    What akra exhaust will fit.

    "And is there anyone who's dose a tail tidy to fit number plate up by rear light" Hi Corsasri, I have a 2014 MT-09 and it was fitted with an R&G Tail Tidy when new and looks smart. Only issue I would say is there quality. I was removing my Renntec Grab Rail this weekend and saw that the paint...
  7. Soapy

    Help and a Warning, Renntec Grab Rail

    I had an accident end of last year and my bike was written off. I managed to get a replacement bike and it came with a lot of extras including a Renntec Grabrail. I swapped the original seat for a Sargent seat which I kept from my old bike. Unfortunately I didn't notice that with the grabrail...
  8. Soapy

    Are these bikes actually shifting?

    My Insurance money eventually came through and as luck would have it this came up locally. Same age and mileage as my old one, it's a 2014 but not ABS. Has a lot of extra bits. Akro exhaust, Screen, Shorty Levers, Powerbronze Bellypan, Renntec Grabrail, Tail Tidy, Radiator Guard and an Ohlins...
  9. Soapy

    We are both a bit Sore

    I think I can safely say the adrenalin has subsided. I was telling a biker friend what has happened and we both mused how extraordinary life is. As mentioned in a previous post a few weeks ago I did a trip to the West Coast with 16 other bikes. The weather and the roads were fantastic and we...
  10. Soapy

    We are both a bit Sore

    Thanks for the advice folks. The drivers insurance company phoned me directly and admitted full liability and the police charged him with driving without due care and attention so hopefully the claim will go smoothly. I'm with Carole Nash and have Legal Cover so hopefully will be able to at...
  11. Soapy

    We are both a bit Sore

    Thanks. Maybe I didn't make it clear. I was on the main road and he intially stopped at the junction after the two in front of him had already pulled out. I had already spotted him and slowed down. He then decided to pull out and stop in the road as you can see in the picture. I tried to go...
  12. Soapy

    We are both a bit Sore

    Didn’t get very far with my run today! Car pulled out in front of me at the Toll of Burness Junction just a couple miles North of Ellon (Aberdeenshire) Nearly got round him. Saw the two cars in front of him pull out so I backed off and sure enough he pulled out and once he saw me, stopped in...
  13. Soapy

    Fuel range

    Did you remove the filler neck? If so how does it come out. Don't fancy drilling in situ leaving metal swarf in the tank. I'm off to the West Coast of Scotland in a couple of weeks and might need that extra 0.8 litres
  14. Soapy

    Street Rally Seat

    I now have a Sargent Seat on my MT 09 so the Street Rally is now no longer required. Excellent Condition. Would like £75 plus £10 for delivery
  15. Soapy

    Chain Adjusters

    Thanks for the info guys. Just been on to the local dealer service department. They claim never to have had an issue. I pointed out the Forum and he said they would assess it when it is in for its service next week. Thinking of printing a couple of pages off the Forum and taking them in. MODS-...
  16. Soapy

    Chain Adjusters

    I've just been looking online. There are a few Gilles adjusters for the MT and they are all expensive. I'll try my luck with the Dealer but they are not known for giving a great amount of discount. I've got to watch my money I was made redundant at the end of May and I got a small payout. But...
  17. Soapy

    Chain Adjusters

    Thanks Chump. Surely it will happen again when I need to adjust the chain? This is the first time the wheel nut has been off.
  18. Soapy

    Chain Adjusters

    This should maybe in the Tech Section (MOD'S feel free to move it). Had a puncture today so got a set of PR 4's fitted well pleased with them. Not so pleased with the Chain Adjusters after the Mech adjusted them. He apologised but stated that he just torqued up the wheel nut to the correct...
  19. Soapy

    Tracer parts for sale - Lots of quality items!

    Hi Mike. PM sent for radiator guard.
  20. Soapy

    I installed a USB socket to the factory auxiliary connection [PHOTO's]

    Thanks RipGroove, just ordered one using the link supplied by Smurf.