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  1. tallyho

    Comfort seat

    Hi All, Has anybody gone over to a comfort seat, and what is your impression. And is it worth taking out a mortgage to buy one. ????????? And what make did you buy ? Yamaha, Shad, Or something else...
  2. tallyho

    Well New bike has arrived

    Well New toy is here, looks like a bantam next the XR haha. Will see what farkling I can do over the winter. It already has the Akrapovic Exhaust system and one or two other extras. I am going to fit a small screen, but not sure what will suit it. Do not want a big screen and spoil the looks. So...
  3. tallyho

    new member

    Hi all new to this forum, New MT09 SP arriving tomorrow. Will be asking some questions that I am sure your members will be able to Answer