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    Clutch slipping under load...

    Well if you think it's slipping, and a Tech took it for a test ride and could feel it slipping, then it is slipping...I don't think you need to do more testing??
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    Member Interviews

    I agree with Tofino. We live 2 hrs away, and it's a great ride to get there!!
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    First naked bike...its cold!'s a naked bike.
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    Greetings from Ottawa Canada

    It makes moving the bike around the garage much easier!
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    Greetings from Ottawa Canada

    The ergonomics were definitely what sold me on the bikes! I just put my new Paddock lift together and hung the bike off it today, now moving it around the garage is much easier!
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    Greetings from Ottawa Canada

    Welcome, from the left Coast! I am on Vancouver Island, and decided after a cruiser, although a muscle cruiser, a nice old V65 Magna, that I missed carving corners still. The last crotch rocket was an R1, but my body did not enjoy more than an hour or so on it. I did a demo day and fell for the...
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    Sticking red engine start/stop switch.

    I never had an issue with mine until last week when I installed my new Gilles risers and Rizoma bars, now it seems to be sticky. I think it may have something to do with how I tightened it down. I wonder if that is the cause of some of these?
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    Headlight bulb replacement

    A good option for those that do any amount of night riding is an HID projector light. I got my complete unit from KT Moto, with the halo for the DRL and a red demon eye in the projector for when the HID is turned off. Excellent light output and looks great!
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    I thinks it's officially dead... in, "been dead for a while"
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    I thinks it's officially dead...

    This place sure does suck considering it's "The largest Yamaha MT-09 / FZ-09 Forum on the Internet!."
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    Quiet here innit ?

    Tons of action at Yamaha FZ-09 Forum Definitely dead here!
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    New member from Vancouver Island, Canada

    Not too bad, especially if you've done a few seat covers in the past. They have a great video on the website of how to do it.
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    New member from Vancouver Island, Canada

    It is a Luimoto custom cover I put on the stock seat.
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    Adjustable billet Levers.

    That's why it's so damn uncomfortable!
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    Adjustable billet Levers.

    They look like the same ones I have too, love 'em!
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    New member from Vancouver Island, Canada

    Been lurking here for awhile, finally signed up. Bought my Raven 2016 with 1450km on the clock, put a couple hundred kms on and tore it down to send the ECU for a flash and began the mods. Very happy with the results so far!
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    Can we revive the BOTM thread...

    My '16 FZ09