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  1. Littlebruv

    Plastic front and side grills

    Hi all Anyone who can help. I have a 2017 Tracer 900, I saw on an internet page about changing the plastic false air intake grills front and side ones to a plain type, anyone else seen these anywhere?
  2. Littlebruv

    Wash and dry

    Hi folks Just a simple question, What's your means of cleaning and drying your bike ?. I have a 2017 900 Tracer, nice bike but the fairing is a bit of a pain with its nooks and crannies to try and dry out. Means and methods I use at the mo, Muc Off degreaser, extra-long angled brushes, Worx...
  3. Littlebruv

    Lockdown or road trips

    Hi all What's happening out there, humbug stuck in a lockdown or getting out on the bike if possible. I know we are meant to be stuck indoors due to this madness disease but clearing out the cobwebs from the brain and refreshing a few cells helps relieve a few tensions, for me a good rideout...
  4. Littlebruv

    Power socket plug

    Does anyone know what type of connection is on the Yamaha PS lead ?, i'm looking at fitting a KTM type but need to fit the correct connection
  5. Littlebruv

    Textile trousers

    I am having trouble trying to get trousers with a shorter leg than the short leg length (30") in which motorcycle clothing manufacturers ie Rukka, RST provide. Anyone out there has had the same problem or know of a manufacturer that does a 28" leg
  6. Littlebruv

    Wash that crap away

    Winter blues comes with winter crud from the road surfaces. What's your choice of cleaning the crud off your bike ?, mine is using the Worx Hydroshot with a camping 40ltr water barrel as I don't have direct access to a tap i can connect the hose to.
  7. Littlebruv

    Mounting your Tracer

    Hi all. Just a simple question, how do you get onto your tracer🤔, what I mean is do you just have the side stand down and swing your right leg over or have the main stand down, climb on by using the footpeg then push forward off the stand.
  8. Littlebruv

    Foot pegs

    Hi all Has anyone fitted aftermarket adventure footpegs, if so have they come complete fitting pins and springs as the Tracer footpeg pins have to be drilled out
  9. Littlebruv


    Hi all Has anyone had any issues with any on the indicator lenses breaking ?. I went to wash the bike this morning and found the rear right-hand lens had broken off and the right-hand front one was nearly the same, the thing is though I had a similar thing happen on my Honda CB600FAC. Will look...
  10. Littlebruv

    Tracer 900/GT 900 manual

    Official Yamaha manual if no one as it yet
  11. Littlebruv

    Puncture repair

    Hi all Has anyone used a Stop & Go emergency puncture outfit yet?, if anyone as could you please give me a feedback as I'm considering buying one soon, preferably the one with the mini compressor...
  12. Littlebruv

    Power socket

    Has anyone changed the power socket for a different make if possible i.e. KTM BMW etc, I am only bringing this up as it appears the PS on the Tracer seems more of a car type than a motorcycle one. I like to charge my sat nav from the socket rather than using the power plug behind the screen...
  13. Littlebruv

    Top yolk protection

    Does anyone know if there is a cover for the top yolk to stop lose attachments to the ignition key from scratching the paint
  14. Littlebruv


    Hi all Anyone fitted either the V or E system to an MT-09 / Tracer yet ?, if so where as the reservoir been fitted on your particular model
  15. Littlebruv

    Palmer products

    Finally, I have now fitted the Palmer products screen mount and screen to my 2017 Tracer 900 The mount is not only adjustable up and down but also tilt back and forth, the screen appears to work ok as well. A few pictures added
  16. Littlebruv

    Left foot rest hanger

    I have the Tracer 900 and would like to know if anyone knows if there is a cover made for the gap on the footrest hanger to help stop chain spray from going through it onto gear change pedal or boot
  17. Littlebruv


    Recently fitted the Puig handguards on my 900 Tracer, very easy to fit. Been out on a long run today down towards Brighton and along to Hastings. First impressions the guards appear to help deflect some of the wind away from the cuffs of my jacket but also surprisingly I found they help cure...
  18. Littlebruv

    Suspension setup

    Hi all. Anyone tried setting up their front suspension with success either self taught or watched one of the videos on the internet ?, if so as it in some ways cured the high speed weave at all
  19. Littlebruv

    Hand guards

    website for Tracer hand guards as seen in MCN if interested