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    ABBA Stand for sale

    No? Ok, any interest at £80?
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    ABBA Stand for sale

    Selling my MT09 so the abba stand is going too, it's the superbike one which lifts both wheels clear off the floor, great bit of kit as we all know. I'm in Horwich near Bolton but go to Huddersfield every week so can meet up there if it's easier. I think they're about £150 new so any takers at...
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    Suspension options UK

    I used my AbbaStand with front lift arm to drop my fork legs before i took them to Maxton. It raises the whole bike off the floor. I removed callipers first - zip-tied them to the radiator sides out of the way, then remove the mudguard - watch for the metal inserts falling out and finding their...
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    MT10 or suspension?

    I went for Maxton fork tops and rebound in both legs, more cost but i felt the better option as i'm keeping the bike for a good while. After a bit more riding, I think it's worth it, loads better on uneven ground, i don't get that pogo-up-and-down after speed bumps and it feels a lot nicer...
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    MT10 or suspension?

    I thought i'd give it a few weeks and a few different rides so the review was more informed so here we go. I got the Maxton NR4 rear shock and GP20 cartridges, both set up for my weight (in full riding gear) which was about 17.5 stone fully kitted up, they were fitted by me and have been on...
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    MT10 or suspension?

    Thanks for that, I've just put my order in at Maxton so will look forward to getting it fitted and putting a review up. I just find the triple in the '09 too nice to replace with anything else! I did look at the SP, but as much as it's being touted with Ohlins, it's actually only the rear...
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    Clean bike

    Got one too! mine was about 50 quid off ebay. like you say, it's a 2800w pet dryer, we have dogs so it helps with them too! They are a brilliant bit of kit, i don't doubt a leaf blower/compressor/cold air blower will do the job, but this time of year it's nice to have some warm air on the...
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    MT10 or suspension?

    As much as i love my MT09, being a heavy lad, I do find the suspension too soft and bouncy, So i'm looking at two options: Maxton suspension all round, cheaper option (than the other!) Trade-in and get an MT10 (more expensive but better long term?) Anyone done the suspension upgrade and found...
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    What made you laugh today?

    "I knew I shouldn't have eaten beans before a race..."
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    New MT09

    Nice mate, I wasn't a fan of the night fluo initially, but it has grown on me... You got any mods planned? tail tidy etc?
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    What petrol do you use? injector cleaner additives?

    I've used both normal 95 and super (usually 97) and it does run a little nicer on super. It's not a case of 'extra BHP' or it being any faster, and it's not to say it runs badly on normal, it just seems to pick up a bit nicer, tick over a bit nicer and generally be a bit smoother on super. I'm...
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    late 2014 mt09

    Sometimes bikes and cars made in one year can be registered in another year, it could be because they were sat at a dealers for a while, or the dealer had some reason for registering it on a different years plate - usually sales figures. I wouldn't worry about it, and as far as the map on...
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    Tst rear integrated light

    The Rizoma one is actually quite bright, i had one but took it off to fit an Evotech. - preferred the look. I've had a look at some of the integrated indicator rear lights and although they look good, the main problem for me is visibility of the indicators to other road users, lets face it most...
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    Oil light anyone ?

    I did an oil change on mine at 2500 ish, it had supposedly been done at the dealer before i picked it up, but it felt a bit gritty so for the sake of £45 in parts i thought it best to drop it and fill it with nice new oil, i always fill to slightly over halfway. The other day whilst out riding...
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    Mobile speed camara vans

    In my personal experience there is little point in trying to confront police 'bad behaviour' to me they are only out for themselves and are as bent as anyone else. I've had cause twice in my life to make complaints to the police and tried going through the IPCC over police conduct, once over a...
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    MT09 2017 rear shock adjustment?

    Yes, quite sure it's an MT09, - it says so on the fake air inlet anyway... Removing the footrest - not just the footpeg - opens up the back end around the shock, makes access easier. If you're going to leave them off you'll need some footrest removal plates for the brake reservoir though...
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    Mobile speed camara vans

    Problem is though; How many people have the time, money and legal knowledge to go to court and fight it? The police know that by the time someone complains and they put a stop to it, they will have made a load of money in fines. I got done speeding a few years ago along the A629 going to...
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    Silly question

    Yep, Padgetts had a 2014 model year advertised as a 2016, in small print it did say 2014 MY, 2016 registered.
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    MT09 2017 rear shock adjustment?

    Take the rear footrests off, much easier access, 6mm allen key on my 2016 i think. - make sure it's a good allen key and it's well seated as they have loctite on the threads. I leave my rear footrests off as it makes cleaning a lot easier, they go back on if i'm taking my good lady out.
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    New 2017 MT09 ABS

    I find J&S a bit odd, their clothing side is pretty good, they seem helpful and don't give any pressure to buy, yet the bikes section are rubbish, whilst shopping for my MT09 i looked at a 2015 model they had in, was told it was definitely a 2016, when i pointed out it wasn't i was told "I meant...