1. R

    MT09 Tracer ABS 2016

    Yamaha MT09 Tracer ABS 2016 6250 miles FSH Blue/Silver Yamaha Heated Grips Yamaha Aux Lights BSD Remap Quickshifter/Autoblipper ( Clutchless up and down gear changes ) Pro Race Exhaust/Headers Original Decat Exhaust fitted Reworked Front Forks by MCT ( re sprung oil change an internal trickery)...
  2. Rob_h

    Barracuda infill panels - 2016?

    Hi, Just seen these on Fleabay, Barracuda infill covers I have asked the seller if they will fit am MT09 2016 ABS model, he has no idea and just says 2107 on, its a new product so probably hedging his sales, anyone fitted them to a 2016 ABS model? I think they look way better than the plastic...
  3. Nick The Car Guy

    Every 2016 model MT09 is an ABS model???

    Hello, As you can probably tell I'm a full-blown newbie to this forum, and to the MT-09. I've wanted one for years but am finally setting out to purchase one. I was told by the dealership that all 2016 and onwards models come standard with ABS, as I do a lot of daily riding in rain and on...
  4. johnb09

    Help - Front wheel judder

    New to an MT09... had a bandit before Bought a 15 plate MT09 NON-ABS done 1300 miles I have now clocked up to 2900 Tyres seem ok brakes in good condition The 1st time i braked hard on the front end it juddered on the front wheel.... I thought it may be the ABS but looking at my mates with ABS it...
  5. A

    Rear tyre profile and abs

    Hi all if I increase the rear tyre profile to 55 is it likely it cause me problems with the abs or TC as the circumference of the tyre would be bigger ? Thanks daryl
  6. C

    Yamaha MT09 ABS Beauty

    Beautiful MT09 in Orange with every extra available Ex Yamaha show bike
  7. S

    Tracer abs brake fluid change

    I remember a while since somebody posting regards brake fluid change on tracer with abs,I've done mine today 45 mins job taking my time,it says in the Haynes manual you should pulse test it after bleeding in other words take it to Yamaha but alls well with mine abs works & there's no lights...
  8. M

    MT-09 Tracer Soft ABS Side Case dimensions

    Hi there! I've been a happy Tracer owner for a while now and I've got to the point where I'm thinking of buying some panniers to avoid having to wear my trusty rucksack. I like the look of the Yamaha OEM Soft ABS Side Cases, but I cannot find the internal dimensions anywhere and my local...
  9. A

    2014 Yamaha MT09 ABS

    Please find my purple Mt09 Abs model for sale, message for any more info 13800 miles Full yamaha service history Alarm Fitted Always garaged Located london/kent £4800
  10. highlander

    WANTED: Owner's Manual

    Unfortunately my MT didn't come with one. :mad: 2015 ABS, so I guess I need one that refers to the ABS functionality (if there's a difference) I want this for completeness and operating the dash, I'm going to get a workshop manual too ... cheers, H
  11. highlander

    Paid dealer £6300 for 1yr old, ABS with <2k miles

    Not a terrific deal but I was kind of stuck for choices and it seems to be in line with what I found from dealers on autotrader, MCN, etc. Had a 2005 Daytona from this dealer for two days and on first real ride the oil cooler blew its guts and could have had me off ... suffice to say I wanted...
  12. LewFZ1

    MT-09 Sports tracker (ABS)

    I have a mate who is looking at the MT-09 Sports Tracker, why he just cannot ask the dealers I don't know. Does the MT-09 Sports Tracker have an ABS option? My understanding as from 2016 any new 2016 Bike above 125cc sold within the EU has to have ABS as standard. But why would you want the...
  13. razz

    one is returning

    dudes , how are ya all , flogged my mt09 last year , end of . carried on the fz1n then onto an R1 , the R1 is an amazing bike , but i`m buggered if i can comutte on it , i did try , but alas i`m a failure . so today , one popped into ones local and did the deal on a brand new matte grey abs ...
  14. andrewmt09

    ABS intrusion

    Hey folks, Wanting your thoughts on the ABS and whether you think it is overly intrusive? I'm just getting to know my Tracer as I have only had it for 2 weeks (+\- 600miles). I went on a 'spirited' ride the other evening and coming up to a right angle corner I braked progressively but the ABS...
  15. 5

    Brake pedal feedback/noise abs issue ?

    Hi, new to the forum and new to the Mt09 tracer. When I come down the gear box and get on the rear brake there's a lot of unpleasant feeling in that rear pedal. I guess you could say kick back. It was harsh enough to make me look down and expect to see something fouling ! I noticed a couple of...
  16. Locksmith

    Just a heads up for ya

    When replacing your front wheel on your ABS MT after its been away for a new tyre fitted: DO NOT think you have lost a wheel spacer. DO NOT rush indoors, fire up the laptop to look at the NON ABS wheel diagram. (It has two spacers). DO NOT go back out to the garage swearing and waste half an...
  17. B

    ABS electrical diagram (plug pinout)

    I transplant ABS system from MT-09A to my XJR1300. So, I need ABS plug pinout diagram... could anyone help me?..
  18. F

    MT09 ABS 64plate for sale :(

    PRICE DROP Ok hello everybody, havnt been on here in a while but the time has come to let her go and I thought before putting the beast up on Autotrader I would give people here a chance to purchase this sexy AF bike. Im looking for £5800 wich I think is a seriously good price. Im located in...
  19. T

    mt09 or cb1000r

    hi all , ive got a cbr1000rr 2015 , but i want a more naked upright bike , as i get a bit of bak trouble on the cbr , getting old lol ive test road a cb1000r and like it but dont like the look of it much, but last week i put a depo down on a mt09 abs orange , as im waiting to the new reg comes...
  20. Mark Arnold Evered

    ABS Rear Wheel Removal

    Hi all, First post with a silly questions I can't find an answer to all over the internet. I hope someone can help! ;) It's time to replace the cheese tyre that came with the bike. The manual states that wheel removal should only be carried out by dealers on the ABS models. I can't get my...