1. W

    Advice please

    Santa was v. generous this year with a fancy-dan TomTom sat nav. Need some advice as to the best wire to tap into for a switched live. Elektrickery is not my strong point - if i can't see it I struggle, and there's the risk of injury... ( I have the same problem with what my wife's thinking) I...
  2. M

    Anyone any thoughts about the MT-03

    I friend of mine has found an advert for a 57 plate, 660cc, MT-03 and I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the bike? Have you owned one and, if so, what to look out for please? Thanks for any advice.
  3. R6owdlad

    Braking-2 fingers covered or 4 fingers

    Just wondering what you all do. Personally I use all 4 but am considering trying the two fingers covered method. Any advice/ comments would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. G

    S-Tec for Flashing

    Being a new member and having read several threads on here about ECU Flashing, i wasn't too sure, I took my standard 2016 Tracer down to Simon of S-Tec in Newbury on Monday and spend a brilliant morning with Simon as he carefully dismantled my bike and then flashed my ECU. My ride back to North...
  5. Hexme

    Mirror Indicators

    Got some nice Highsider LED mirror indicators left over from my GS, was thinking of fitting them to the Tracer. Was kind of hoping just to switch out the relay for a LED compatible one? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. H

    LED indicator opinion

    Does anyone have any advice or opinion on LED indicator mods? I'm looking for a good set of led's which look good and work well on the 09 Tracer. Appreciate any advice. Thanks Hampshirechap.
  7. L

    Hi from Stoke

    Just bought this bad boy. I can honestly say I'm utterly over the moon. This is my dream bike, not yet passed my test but have mod2 next Friday :D Any advice on my new bike as a new rider ? I have been driving cars 20 years and have a fair bit of motocross experience on big 2/4 strokes
  8. S

    New member

    Hi everyone, 1st post - just bought an ex demo Tracer (800 miles) as my everyday bike which I'll be doing about 10k year a year on. First impressions are really good but early days. Bike came with a few factory extra's but I'm just starting to think about getting it right for me. I will be...
  9. K

    re screen

    hi everyone, im wanting to buy and fit a sceen to my bike but don't want a tall one so any advice id be gratefull for. basically im after something on the shorter lines and dark tint.
  10. G

    Which luggage rack

    As I commute a lot I will probably get a rack soon. I like the Yamaha one but it looks like it will hide the rear lights. I also like the look of the SW Motech one. Any advice would be welcome Can anyone post some pics of the sw motech one from different angles? Cheers
  11. M

    New to the group

    Hi guys, new to the group so just saying hi! I passed my test in September this year and then went out and got a Matt grey MT 09 best thing I ever did! Advice and tips all welcome as very new to all of this! Cheers Matt
  12. C

    Winter storage tips

    As i wont be using the bike much during the winter months can anyone please give any usefull advice on storing, it will be kept in an unheated garage, i have a oxford aquatex cover but my main concern is condensation from the freeze thaw cycles , i have no power to the garage, should i use extra...
  13. R6owdlad

    R6 versus MT09

    Hi folks Have just joined this forum as I am a R6 owner (5SL) regd 2006 and am considering changing for a new MT09. Reason for change is I am 61 years young and find that after an hour or so riding I start to get back ache etc etc and would hope that an 09 would alleviate this somewhat. Has...
  14. E

    Buckled wheel advice

    Evening chaps I would appreciate some opinions on if my other halfs scooter requires a new front wheel. I've tried to take a pic but it's not to clear. Basically the rim edge has a slight dent in it but the main wheel itself has no damage. There is no problem with the tyre I.e no bulges and I've...