1. G

    New to Forum New to MT-09

    Picking up a 2017 in like a week. Those familiar with Japan know you have to wait for everything.. LOL So what do people have and what are some modifications for the bike.? Where is everyone located? I am in Yokosuka area, just south of Yokohama. I am planning on the Akra exhaust as well...
  2. B

    MT09 /Tracer 900 Titanium Akra - USED

    Selling my Ti Akra from my old tracer that is gone now. It is in used condition (5k miles or so) so it is not perfect, but in very very good condition. Slight scrape on one of the down pipes where it sits under the bike. Some light surface discoloration on the down pipes also. Located...
  3. B

    Which Exhaust system

    Hey all - first post! I'm moving from a 15 tracer 900 to a 17 MT09 this weekend. I have the Ti Akra that will be coming off the tracer, but I'm considering ebaying this and getting myself a new system. But whats best? I like the look of the Akra race carbon but its ££. I saw a video of...
  4. C

    What akra exhaust will fit.

    Corsasri first mods. Hello guys I hope you don't mind me asking. I have just brought a 2017 mt09 and it looks like a new style akra exhaust is listed for the bike. It looks as if it has a carbon end plate. My question is will the older style akra fit the bike as I don't like the newer version...
  5. M

    titanium Akrapovic DB Killer

    Hi there Im after the DB Killer for the TI Akra. Anyone have one i can buy please? Many Thanks, Mike
  6. S

    Newbie Ayrshire Scotland

    Hey folks, had my 2014 MT09 for a couple of months now. Loving it, quick, chuckable and wheelieable, plus love the noise of a triple with a full Akra ? Came hunting for info on ECU reflash...?
  7. C

    New guy from SA

    Hey guys. I'm new to the forum but I've visited here regularly since there's a vast pool of know-how. I'm from South Africa and about a year ago bought a 2014 MT09. Came with full system akra and 1500km on the clock. I've changed quite a bit but will post in the mods section. Just wanted to say...
  8. A

    Belly pan for akra

    Hi Does anyone know if a bowerbronze belly pan will fit the mt with an titanium akra. Any info would be great Cheers AND I THOUGHT MY Z750 WAS QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. A

    MT09 bits for sale

    Just traded the MT09 for a S1000R.... sorry for swearing. lol Took some bits off the bike today and they'll be for sale soon. Not had a chance to think about prices yet so if anyone wants to make an offer. Titanium Akra exhaust, Yamaha fly screen, Matte grey rear seat cowl, BRUUDT Pillion...
  10. K

    Akrapovic Ti baffle insert (captive nut)

    Evening all, Managed to pick myself up a cheap n cheerful Akra Ti, but for some reason the captive nut on the db killer/baffle insert is missing. Don't get me wrong, when the insert is in place it's solid enough and i doubt if it would ever move, but i'd like to put it right. Can any of the...
  11. loneranger

    Idle Speed

    My MT09 seems to settle with he rev counter showing two bars. thats the main bar which shows unto 1000rpm and a single smaller bar just past the arrow. I feel it is running very rich. I have an akra with baffle in and tried setting the co2 settings to 14 and zero with not much difference...
  12. D

    Hi from Co,Durham

    HI everyone, had my MT-09 (race blue) for just over a week now and love it :D It was an ex demo but it was only used by the garage staff to run around on so only had 500 miles on the clock. After a week i have took it up to over 1000. Has a few extras such as a Akra TI exhaust, radiator guard...
  13. G

    Akrapovic Titanium Full System

    Akrapovic Titanium Full System for sale Purchased new Akra Titanium for my MT09 a couple of weeks ago from Bikebiz Parramatta NSW for $1,496.00 Fitted the exhaust and as all the reviews say, it is an awesome sounding exhaust and looks unbelievable on the bike. I do weekend day rides 2-up with...
  14. S

    Hello from new MT09 owner in Northumberland

    Picked up my grey year old MT09 a week ago. I had been watching it in my local bike shop for a while and finally decided to sell my TL1000S so I could buy it..........thankfully the bike shop had not advertised it beyond their website as I am sure it would have sold quickly otherwise with all...
  15. donut

    Speed Triple to MT-09

    Hi guys. MT-07 owner and loving that (about to have the suspension uprated today) and probably about to change my 1050 Speed Triple for an MT-09. After 4 years of Triumph ownership I've come to realise that it's now just too big and heavy for the type of riding I like to do (A roads and twisty...
  16. pipski99

    Is it just me? The Akrapovic chronicles

    Hi all my fellow MT fans, long time since I've stopped by. Well I've finally taken the plunge and splashed the cash on an aftermarket exhaust and as much as I wanted to save money and go with the Akra carbon racing line, I also wanted to stay legal and get a certified legal system so went with...
  17. Timo50

    Akra question

    I'm looking at either the Akra or Arrow for my Tracey, but, I have seen a few threads about the Akras hitting the road, seen a few dented ones on ebay as well, how big a problem is this, most of my riding is with a pillion as well?
  18. T

    how much to pay? 2015 mt09 with abs and akra?

    I never buy brand new and always like to save a few pennys when possible, but the difference in price between new and nearly new with abs and akra fitted is very small indeed, does anyone know of any dealers who may have a pre registered model for sale, I like the race blu colour but not too...
  19. Yam MT 09

    Akra baffle mod photos

    hi all , has anybody got any photos of their akra baffle mods that they can post , interested to see the different ways people have modded it , cheers all
  20. M

    newbie Devon

    Had my mt09 for 4 weeks now. Just been in for its first service so absolutely loving it now I can play a bit more. Bikes a 2015 abs in matt grey with flyscreen, fenda extenda r&g's and akra ti. Started off with baffle out but back in now as wife could hear me from two miles away. Thinking of...