1. R

    Linkage service

    MT09Tracer ‘66. Yesterday I took shock absorber and linkages off so as to grease them.everything went great. A bit fiddly but managed it OK! On inspection the linkage relay arm is getting rubbed away by the links, as shown in picture, between red dots. I think it on Right hand side.
  2. Yam MT 09

    2017 high number plate

    Hi all , has anybody with a 2017 MT 09 fitted the genuine Yamaha high number plate hanger ? is there a section of wiring that is removed that runs along the swing arm ? cheers all ;)
  3. C

    DIY servicing

    Put this up just to see how many of you guys service their own bike or take it to a dealer like most i would imagine, i ask this because ive heard quite a few horror story,s of dealers doing the service, charging an arm & leg for it but worse peoples bikes have been damaged , scratched and so...
  4. Psycho Paul

    Cracked Rear Swing Arm

    Hi all I have a 2015 MT-09 while cleaning it today I noticed small cracks all the way along the top right hand side of the swing arm. Looking closely you can see they have been painted over (from the factory). I took the bike back to Sondel and had a look at their demo bike and this was fine...
  5. Timo50

    Swingarm boot guard kit

    Been looking at R&G's swing arm boot guard kit, is boots rubbing on the swing arm a problem on these bikes?
  6. M

    Tail light and fender eliminator

    hey guys, i just got my MT09 and im looking to get a tail tidy and the Rizoma tail light. Just wondering what tail tidies are compatible with the Rizoma light. I am mainly leaning towards the yoshi or R&G. Just want to avoid paying an arm and a leg for the rizoma tail tidy if i can. And if...