1. R

    Tracer Pro-race exhaust

    Hi All I have a Pro-race exhaust system for sale . Stainless steel construction with carbon end can .Removable baffle . No cat.Centre stand can be retained .Used but in great condition.Sounds fantastic with baffle in and truly awesome with baffle out .Looking for £450
  2. L

    Engine light on after fitting Black Widow exhaust

    Friend of mine dropped her 2017 MT-09 in with me this morning for fitting of the full Black Widow exhaust (with baffle in) and a K+N air filter. Everything fitted up perfectly, but on starting the engine management light stays on - she also says it splutters and farts at 2500 but that clears the...
  3. R

    Pro-race exhaust

    Hi All Just had a Pro-race exhaust system fitted ! This is the first mt09 tracer they have made . I asked if they could make a system with the extra loop like the Akrapovic system but keep the centre stand . It is stainless steel with a carbon can with removable baffle. I think they have made a...
  4. F

    Black Widow exhaust

    Just fitted a black widow full system to my 2 week old tracer.Fit and finish is spot on, cant fault it really and price was good at £339 with delivery next day.Only problem is its very loud(with the baffle in ) and the fuelling is now more snatchy than before with huge flames on the overun.Dont...
  5. W

    Akrapovic baffle

    I am after an akrapovic baffle db killer, part no akv-tuv142, if anyone has one. Cheers
  6. C

    Akrapovic carbon

    Looks lovely but is it obnoxious with the baffle in? Any louder than the To system?
  7. P

    Akrapovic baffle removal

    Just thought I'd share with you all the method I used to pull the baffle out, after trying all the suggestions I found on line apart from removing the silencer all together none worked for me. Looking around my garage for ideas I thought I'd try an internal bearing puller. I bought a kit on my...
  8. Fulfilled-09

    SP Engineering Moto GP Extreme Full System in Stainless Steel

    I fitted this full system a few days ago, and can honestly say it's truly epic. It's a awesome bit of British hand-made kit. One-piece headers and link pipe section and a stubby end can of 200mm, plus the slant-cut end piece itself. The result is a very race-inspired system, which is seriously...
  9. razz

    2014 vrs 16

    Hello everyone , she's now past 600 miles , and I feel I can now say that the new Yamaha map feels much softer / tamer than my original bike . No throttle tamer required either . The standard exhaust is very restrictive , the high level akrapovic with baffle definatly lets her breath more easy ...
  10. razz

    mt09 akrapovic systems question

    dudes , i have been looking at the 2 systems akra supply , am i correct in saying , the downpies are the same , the exhaust itself is the same , except for the end cap ? the lower level version has the end cap which is larger to house the baffle and the high level system , which has a smaller...
  11. 2

    Titanium Akra baffle

    Hi, anyone know where I can get a replacement Baffle for my Titanium Akro, or is there an alternative to quieten it down a little without losing that sound ? Thanks
  12. spoonflames


    Hey all Had my bike for a month or so. Have the full akropovic system and had the baffle in and put (now cut the baffle so it goes in and out easier) and i have seen videos and images of the notorious flames coming out. My CO is set to 14 on all 3 cylinders but i dont seem to be able to...
  13. C

    Akrapovic question.

    Hey folks, I have a question or two about the Akra system in regards the noise. I've just bought a brand new system and having read various owners say it's too loud minus the baffle and others saying they've modded the baffle to get a middle ground between out and in, so what's the general...
  14. K

    Akrapovic Ti baffle insert (captive nut)

    Evening all, Managed to pick myself up a cheap n cheerful Akra Ti, but for some reason the captive nut on the db killer/baffle insert is missing. Don't get me wrong, when the insert is in place it's solid enough and i doubt if it would ever move, but i'd like to put it right. Can any of the...
  15. loneranger

    Idle Speed

    My MT09 seems to settle with he rev counter showing two bars. thats the main bar which shows unto 1000rpm and a single smaller bar just past the arrow. I feel it is running very rich. I have an akra with baffle in and tried setting the co2 settings to 14 and zero with not much difference...
  16. D

    Designing a Akrapovic ti replacement baffle

    So I have a Akrapovic exhaust and i'm looking to design a baffle insert to replace the one already in. Just don't like the idea of modifying the stock one in case i want to use it again. I was going to take mine out and measure it but i went to take the baffle out and no luck. The baffle screw...
  17. D

    Hi from Co,Durham

    HI everyone, had my MT-09 (race blue) for just over a week now and love it :D It was an ex demo but it was only used by the garage staff to run around on so only had 500 miles on the clock. After a week i have took it up to over 1000. Has a few extras such as a Akra TI exhaust, radiator guard...
  18. T

    Akra TI Baffle Removal

    Hi guys, I purchased my MT09 last week from a dealer around 35 miles away from me, and it came with the baffle out (was given the baffle to take home). After riding it for a little over a week I decided it's pretty damn loud and wanted to see what it's like with the baffle in. Long story short...
  19. Yam MT 09

    baffle in !!!!

    finally got round to putting me modified baffle in , sounds great ticking over , rode with it in yesterday and it sounds good up to the 4 grand mark then the sound starts to go quieter !!!! don't know if it will be a permanent instalment tho , at least other road users could hear you with no...
  20. S

    akropovik baffle

    I have just got a new mt09 which came with a yamaha akropovik exhaust fitted. How do you get the baffles out?. I have undone the retaining screw and tried my best to pull it out but it won't budge. Should I try it when the exhaust is hot