1. woodie100

    What engine bar protection do you have??

    Hi I want to fit engine /crash bar protection to my new bike 900 Tracer3016 and have found these on ‘Fleebay’ Any thoughts on what’s best for all round protection and also reasonable price? Item number is - 372032391577 Thanks all���� JonB
  2. D

    MT-09 Bar end weights (genuine Yamaha)

    Genuine Yamaha MT-09 bar end weights... used on my Tracer to do away with hand guards. Much better at higher speeds. Cost £19 each sell for £18 for both inc postage.
  3. El Bandito

    Tracer bar ends.

    I was getting a fair buzz through the bars around 5k rpm like many others but it is now pretty minimal after I've had my 600 service. I was thinking of getting some bar ends but because of the handguards on the Tracer there seems to be a limited choice - R&G ones or loads of Chinese ones. Has...
  4. Flobalob

    Handle bar riser clamps

    Discovered a disaster today whilst checking my bike over i noticed one of the Allen screws poking up from the handle bar clamp!initially i thought it had come loose but on closer inspection the top half of the clamp has snapped which sent a shiver down my spine as i had been out two weeks...
  5. C

    Problem with bar end mirrors

    Hi folks, fitted these cnc bar end mirrors New CNC Motorcycle Rearview Mirrors BarEnd 7/8" Fit Yamaha mt09 Honda Kawasaki | eBay happy with looks and fit but problems is they fold in by themselfs once you unleash the power of the darkside,, any fix guys ? :rolleyes:
  6. Hexme

    Bar Ends

    Will the bar ends off a MT-09 directly replace the bar ends off the Tracer? Thinking about removing the hand guards to make filtering a tad easier.
  7. J

    EJK on handle bar question.

    Hi everyone. I juz install akro titan and EJK Fuel controller on my bike. Bike run great. But i wonder how to put EJK on the handle bar to see it in action. How i ground the negative cable? Juz leave it on the negative of battery or i must ground on the other place?
  8. V

    aftermarket mirrors that work and are not huge

    Hi guys, looking for nice aftermarket mirrors that work and are not huge if such thing exists? I want to filter and do not want the mirrors to go outside of the handlebars and in the same time want to have good visibility. Is that possible? Or I am asking for too much and maybe need to look...
  9. Jetty

    Greetings from Frinton on Sea, Essex...

    Hi - Just joined the crew with a Street Rally...from a KTM990SMT and Yam TDM900. All going well so far, except for a bar end weight vibrating out. Yamaha expect you to buy the whole hand guard... :eek:
  10. Russ Quinlan

    Bar End Weights

    Went for a tootle at the weekend and got back only to realise the LH Bar End Weight assy (weight, bolts, etc) had all fallen out [email protected] The hand guard was flopping about but not obviuosly the RH one was tight so I can only assume the LH one came loose and fell out on the road. Considering how long...
  11. Unfazed

    Brake lever feel at the bar

    This is probably a stupid question, what should the brake lever feel at the bar be like, I had a VFR1200 and the front brake lever was rock solid and excellent braking. I can get my Tracer lever pulled back to the grip. Wondering if this is normal? I should have thought that with a new bike it...
  12. M

    Tracer - different handlebars anyone ?

    Eyup fine Tracer chaps / chappesses, just wondering if any of you have tried any different non-standard handlebars on your Tracer ? I'm considering changing mine for something a wee bit narrower and possibly with a little more "pull back" so the bar ends are angled further towards the riser...
  13. O

    Hi From Shoalhaven Heads, Australia

    I purchased a lava red Mot-09 Tracer yesterday and so far have done only 190 kilometres. Very enjoyable except I have decided I need a bit more comfort so have ordered a set of ROX bar risers and plan to have the seating upgraded. The risers will raise the bar approx. 1 inch and move it back...
  14. LewFZ1

    How many interested in

    How many would be interested in a Spring meet , say April or later in the year at the end of the Summer, say picking a weekend between the last two weeks of September /first to weeks in October. Seeing as the forum members live all over the country somewhere in middle England or Wales would be...
  15. loneranger

    Idle Speed

    My MT09 seems to settle with he rev counter showing two bars. thats the main bar which shows unto 1000rpm and a single smaller bar just past the arrow. I feel it is running very rich. I have an akra with baffle in and tried setting the co2 settings to 14 and zero with not much difference...
  16. J

    bar ends

    picked my tracer up yesterday in the faster red colour and took the hand guards straight of as not to my taste, looking for some other bar ends to fit so any ideas please
  17. S

    Anyone Fitted Different Hand Guards To Their Tracer?

    Hi Has anyone fitted different hand guards to their Tracer, if so what do you have and are they any good? I am not fussed on the look of the originals however I have bad circulation in my hands and want something more effective at keeping the wind off. All of the alternatives I have seen only...
  18. A

    Handguards removed

    I have removed the hardguards and now I can filter much easier and the feeling much lighter. I used mt-09 naked bar ends (cost 40 euros ).
  19. lee1980

    Fuel Gauge accurate?

    Not had mine long done about 200 miles so far, though seem to have filled it up a few times already lol. Last time I was down to the last bar with 'E' on it not flashing and got 11 litres in, so about 3 left. When it starts flashing I think is next stage how much am i likely to have left then?
  20. S

    handlebar vibration MT09 ?

    Hello every one, I have returned to riding after 12 years, last bike was ZZR600, got the MT09, it is really nice and suits me fine as i am no longer a sporty guy at 50 years old ;) Just finished the run in and noticed that every time i ride over 20 minutes or so i have this "ants feeling" in my...