1. Locksmith

    Battery terminals different on new battery?

    Probably need a new battery as mine isn't holding enough charge to start her up after being left 2 or 3 weeks. Looking at the pictures of new Yuasa YTZ10-S batteries on-line the positive and negative terminals are reversed to my original one. Is this OK or is there a special fitment battery for...
  2. K

    Battery terminals loose.

    I've just been connecting the lead for some heated gloves. put the live onto the solenoid so as not loose the connection so the clock stays on, then earth to battery, the bolt was finger tight? checked the live and it was loose, I don't know how it's run since getting it new last May, it went...
  3. Y

    Intermittent Discharging of Battery

    My bike (Tracer 24 months old 8k)is hooked up to an Optimate when not in use although I use it every week unless on holiday. Back in November I went to start the bike but the battery was completely flat, I thought maybe I hadn’t connected the Optimate in the right order and it had drain the...
  4. 2

    Battery dead, time for a new one

    Guys, hoping to get a steer on a new battery, mines dead so I need to get a new one, what's the alternatives to a OEM one ?
  5. J


    Hi all, I'm very new to biking (only a few months in) my first bike is a 2013 MT-09 ABS. Unfortunately due unforeseen circumstances I have been unable to ride/start the bike for a good 3 weeks. I went to start her around 4 days ago and it wouldn't start. Display screen was on and working as...
  6. I

    Fog light connection

    Going to fit some Givi S310 lights. Can I connect them using one of the spare ignition on connectors behind the screen or does it have to be the battery? I want them only to be active when ignition on not a permanent live.
  7. highlander

    Lithium battery for MT-09

    So the std battery is a YTZ10S with key figures being weight 3.2kg Capacity 9.1 AH CCA 190 So to select a Lithium equivalent we should aim to match or beat the CCA rating to ensure a stress free ignition. Capacity is not so important unless you are going to draw any juice without the motor...
  8. S

    Optimate lead

    How to fit Optimate lead: Firstly connect positive lead (red one) to positive terminal of battery then connect negative lead (black one) to negative terminal of battery job done simples:)
  9. R6owdlad

    Optimate battery charger and tester

    Hi For those who use these do you leave them connected to battery 24/7 or do you disconnect it from the bike for any length of time? Just asking cos obviously coming up to winter now and the bike is going to be sat in the garage for longer periods. I've always kept mine connected and switched on...