1. woodie100

    Morgan Carbtune 2 operational instructions

    Hi all, does anyone know how I go about balancing the carbs on my new (to me!) MT09 Tracer 2016? I have bought a Morgan carbtune2 and wondered from you knowledgeable people how I go about balancing the carbs as I have read it makes a massive difference (not that I think the bike is running...
  2. B

    MT09 common mod feedback

    Hey all, In light of it being quiet here I thought I would add a short post to review a few things I have done to my 2016 MT09. It might help others decide what to do themselves! Ok so first off: K-tech Razor R rear shock / Ktech 20IDS fork cartridges with KTech springs.(9.8cst oil in comp...
  3. K

    For Sale: - 2014 MT-09 ABS

    THIS BIKE IS NOW SOLD.... This is my MT-09 in purple first registered 01/09/2014 and is now for sale due to my having recently purchased a new bike, I acquired the MT-09 around 18months ago with 776 recorded miles from one previous owner. Myself, retired being the being the second owner, at...
  4. RipGroove

    Which braided brake hoses?

    I've managed to almost wear through my rear brake hose presumably with my boot somehow so I guess now is the time to switch to braided versions. Any particular brand noticeably better or worse than the others? Bike is a 2014 without ABS. Also I guess the twin front lines would be better than...
  5. J

    What changes did I do to my bike?

    Short video showing my modifications to the bike + Akrapovic exhaust
  6. flying circus

    Fuel range ect

    Actually got to use my bike as the manufacturer intended and enjoyed every mile. I brimmed the tank and rode 193 miles, on refueling the bike took 17. 20 litres which equates to 52 mpg. I think I would have been pushing the bike to the garage at 205 miles. What warnings do you get that it is...
  7. R

    Whats it worth

    Hi All I am thinking of selling my mt09 tracer ,I would appreciate your thoughts on price .It has been heavily modified I know I could remove the extras but I would like to move it on as it is. Yamaha mt09 tracer Registered 03/06/16 6147 miles Silver/blue Last serviced 2473( was 6000 mile...
  8. D

    oil for andreani fork cartridges

    Hy lads. have got hold of some new andreani cartridges for MT 09. can any one give me any advice on fitting these to bike. Do you have to use ohlins oil as have been told that ohlins is only for track use. also read that you have to set up pins that are under the fork caps before you fit to...
  9. duffy

    Original levers

    Sold my 2015 MT a few years ago, and just found the original levers that I had replaced. No damage at all, weren't on the bike for 1000 miles in total. £30 delivered UK mainland only.
  10. B

    2017 MT09 - Black +extras

    Selling my MT09 for the right price 3500 miles - but still in use so will rise Fantastic condition - some marks on the footplates from use, but that is it. First service done at Yamaha dealer Akrapovic TI exhaust (standard one available also) Yamaha Tank Bags - Small sport one and medium...
  11. ib1-2

    Clean bike

    I have just got one of the best non biking piece of kit you can have and if you haven't got one I suggest you do. We all know cleaning bikes for some can be a chore but for others quite therapeutic plus it gives us the chance to check it over and make sure everything is ok. So after a good...
  12. K

    Anyone fitted a Denali Sound Bomb horn to their bike?

    I have just ordered a Denali Sound Bomb for my bike and am interested to see if anyone else has fitted one and, if so, any suggestions as to mounting points, tips and tricks, etc. Anyone???
  13. I

    Nuber plate for sale,,,,MT09 NEW

    I am selling my private number plate MT09 NEW, ready to be put on new bike £250
  14. V

    What petrol do you use? injector cleaner additives?

    Hello all, What petrol do you use with your MT09? Usually I do Premium Unleaded (95 RON). I do have noticed that when the bike sits few days in the garage and the tank is say half full when I start the bike and go there are sputters, judders and all kinds of unpleasantries. Than when I fill...
  15. Q

    ixil twin hyperflow XL full system

    Sadly had to sell the bike as needed some new teeth and still have the exhaust to sell on, It was only on the bike for a month before i sold it and it transforms the sound, both baffles are removable but i found with both in was still beautiful, the small scrape on the bottom is from a curb...
  16. Gruffalo

    Riding through the winter

    Do any of you guys ride through the winter what do you do to keep your baby in good condition? Unlike many other people my tracer is mainly for commuting. My commute is 45 mins mainly main road, the road is very flat (Holland :) ) with only a couple of slight bends It's very open to the wind...
  17. MT09vietnam

    Hi there,

    I'm from vietnam I just owned Yamaha MT 09 2017, this is my first bike I did, hope to get many good informations for 4rum. Thanks all
  18. F

    late 2014 mt09

    Hi! I just bought a MT09 from a local dealership and they say it is a 2015 model, but when i look it up it says its a 2014 model. The bike was made in december 2014. Ive Heard that the 2014 models have a crappy fuelmap. Do i have to worry if the bike was made that late in 2014? Hope someone have...
  19. Kinjane

    2014 MT09 ABS for sale £4000

    2014 MT09 ABS sold 2014 MT09 ABS sold
  20. Bookerman

    Soon to be MT09 owner, intro and sprocket Q

    Hi all, new to the forum, pick up my 2014 MT09 tomorrow, can’t wait :-) I am a long time Fazer 600 owner. Quick question to start though if you’ll indulge me. The bike has a new rear sprocket fitted and from what I can tell it is an increase in size. The original sprocket comes with the bike...