1. K

    Sad news.

    Very sad news today, when I called in at Squires Café this afternoon I learned that a Fellow rider was killed in an accident this morning, not much detail as yet, from what I've heard he was on his own, ( on his motorcycle MT09 tracer? he has other bikes) and it involved a group of cyclists...
  2. S

    R1 to Mt09 - anyone else 'downgraded'?

    Always ridden sports bikes. Last count I have owned 16 bikes in 16 years of riding, from gixxer 750s to cbrs to R1s and back again. My current bike is a 2013 R1 and while it is the best bike I have ever owned, this year I have found myself bimbling along my favourite roads at 70 mph thinking '...
  3. Gruffalo

    Show us your Bike(s).

    As the title says, show us your bike(s) ;) Just post pics of your bike.
  4. J


    This is probably going to sound like a really stupid question but I bought a 2015 Tracer yesterday and only one headlight works unless on high beam when both kick in. Is this just how it is? I know other bikes operate in this way but I wasn't sure about the Tracer.
  5. I

    Nobody reads these, right?

    Hello! I've had many bikes over the years, most of which were sport bikes. Along comes my move to Greece, and I see the 2015 Tracer at the dealer. I have to have it. It was a demo model and everything and I didn't care. Love it. Great riding position, great motor, but the suspension is...
  6. Jetty


    Hi - Can anyone please point me in the right direction for recommended replacement chain/sprockets, and where amongst my bike's paperwork where I can bloody find sizes of all!?
  7. C

    Mileages on your Tracer?

    Just wondering what sort of mileages members have on their bikes. My 2015's got 23,500, just coming up for a big service. How about yours?
  8. S

    Tracer price increase

    I've just seen that Yamaha have put the price of a tracer 900 upto £8700 that's a fair old increase,I bought mine a year ago in march and paid £7895 list price was £8150 I think,if bikes keep going up at this rate this could be my last new bike.
  9. LewFZ1

    Mot Regs

    I may be returning to live in the UK in the new year. Question Will I be able to have my bike registered on British plates and will it pass an MOT if the speedometer (Digital readout)is only in KPH. Unlike UK spec bikes which you can change from MPH to KPH at the push of a button EU spec bikes...
  10. C


    From up North UK, County Durham Have a 2013 mt09 with a few mods, and absolutely love it. Also have a 09 R1 and a few other bikes. cheers
  11. bikergirl400

    Are these bikes actually shifting?

    I know it's a bad time of year but I can't believe anyone is able to sell anything out there ATM! I'd let mine go at £6500 which makes it one of the cheapest out there with zero interest. Are these bikes actually shifting??? BTW It's in grey, 12k miles, 2015 with Akrapovic and more if anyone is...
  12. M

    New member near Coventry

    Hi guys New to the MT-09 Tracer. Went from FJR to an NC750X but it just didn't float my boat. So after my understanding wife accepted my pleadings I swapped again for the Tracer. Test rode 3pm. Rode out of the shop at 5pm!! So 3 bikes in 8 weeks. Has probably cost me some brownie points but I...
  13. D

    Hi another pic from the yoshi and carbon MT 09

    Hi new pic from the yoshi and carbon MT 09 cheers
  14. B

    Chain tension again

    Hi guys . Just tightened my chain to manufactures instructions. I have seen a few posts about chain tensioners deforming when tightening rear wheel . I've had three attempts now , and each time the left hand side task turned slightly after I tighten wheel nut . Some of my other bikes have had...
  15. D

    How to tie down a Tracer

    Having owned many bikes I have a good idea of how to properly tie a bike down onto a trailer or ute/pickup truck. Usually on a dirt bike I strap through both handle bars. On a bigger bike like most road bikes I strap through the triple clamps. Recently I was thinking about driving the bike...
  16. Griff1971

    New member from Manchester.

    HI all, new to this forum, pick my new toy up in a couple of days, new tracer :cool: was riding sports bikes for aprox 15 years, but now im getting on a bit :) tourer/adventure bikes the way forward now. will probably be asking for lots of advice regarding changing parts and set up etc...
  17. Longhair21

    Bye Bye all

    Hi all It has been fun but after nearly 3 years it's time for a change. I still think the MT09 is a cracking machine and probably the best value for money bike on the market at the moment. Ok it had a couple of minor issues but these were overstated by certain members of the motorcycle press...
  18. 2

    Servicing near Scunthorpe

    Hi, Anyone know of a good garage near Scunthorpe that I can trust to carry out my bikes servicing ? it's the first service, any idea on price ? Thanks
  19. S

    New member with a few questions

    Hi all i test rode a tracer today and i am impressed with how much fun it was,my only complaint was the set was ibit hard,i thought the suspension was better than I expected,my questions are whats the yamaha heated grips like? And what else is worth considering? Ive traded in a 2014 triumph...
  20. J

    Cannot get insurance

    Hi guys! I was all happy that would buy a MT09-Tracer and started looking for insurance and found out on websites like gocompare and calling MCE that they won't insure me with this bike. I though that this is a bit weird since they would insure me with bigger bikes, more expensive bikes and...