1. woodie100

    Morgan Carbtune 2 operational instructions

    Hi all, does anyone know how I go about balancing the carbs on my new (to me!) MT09 Tracer 2016? I have bought a Morgan carbtune2 and wondered from you knowledgeable people how I go about balancing the carbs as I have read it makes a massive difference (not that I think the bike is running...
  2. S

    MT09 Flat Seat with Red Stitching

    Yamaha MT 09 Super-moto style flat seat with red stitching which gives a little more comfort and a bit higher seat height. The seat gives a supermoto style riding position and a bit extra height which will benefit taller riders. I bought this Genuine Yamaha seat for my MT 09 but only used it...
  3. J

    Handlebar risers

    Hi guy's n gala, I've got a 16plate tracer BUT I'm no spring chicken and I've bother with arthritis in my elbows and the riding position of the tracer is kinda putting pressure on my arms, so I've been thinking of putting risers on the bars to try and sit me up a bit more, all the risers seem...
  4. D

    Front Brakes

    The front brakes on the tracer always felt a bit spongy and didn't really inspire.. At all! I could easily pull the lever almost all the way in to the grip on all but the widest setting.. Being a new bike I never really though much of it, they worked well enough to bring it to a halt quick sharp...
  5. M

    Led-plus blinkers with Yamaha saddlebags

    Hello from Helsinki, Finland! I bought MT09 and wanted to have some bags. In local shop I saw last year's model equipped with Yamaha soft bags. They didn't fit straight, some modification was needed. Blinkers had to be fixed bit more narrow, they did it in store, I'm really happy with the result.
  6. X

    Questions After Test Ride - Mainly Concerning 2-up Use.

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and have a few questions for those of you who own the 900 Tracer, particularly those who take a passenger regularly. I test rode the Tracer yesterday along with the MT10. MT10 handled great and the power was awesome but the Tracer had me giggling the entire...
  7. T

    Newbie (although oldie) from Easty Yorks

    Having been there done that since my AP60 in 1976, I've just sold my collection of high maintenance, but ever so satisfying 70's 2 strokes, ad spent some of the profit on a 900 Tracer. I tried the XCXlow (being the wrong side of 5'5") and it was Ok, but then someone suggested looking at the...
  8. C

    2017 Mt09 LED blinker wire diagram

    Does anyone who has LED lights or the blinker plus have a wiring diagram or instructions on how to wire these in? Rather struggling a bit right now. Any help would be incredible. Cheers!
  9. T

    New Screen

    Just fitted the Ermax Sport Screen today, looks tidy. Gives a good bit of protection from windblast too. Very happy with it.
  10. I

    Equipement update

    Despite being a 66 year old I still like to ride and I hope tastefully bling things up a bit. I hope its not too much. Does my bum look too big in this? Twin horns and camera Power to the USB hub Can power up to 5 items Looking back to front Always fancied a cruiser
  11. M

    Camping chair review

    We've just returned from an Easter weekend camping break in Germany and I thought i'd let you guys know about my latest purchase. Chair One - Chairs - Helinox official European site and shop Light, comfortable and packs down to the size of a pair of shoes. After a long while of sitting on...
  12. S


    Just joined the forum, been biking since I was 16, now 59 years old and looking to get a MT09. Currently running a FZ1s but need someting a bit lighter.
  13. LewFZ1

    Bit of tweaking today

    Had a wee bit of a fettle to see if I could improve the oil feed to the chain, think this should do the trick nicely now.
  14. Y

    Rizoma Tomok Mirrors

    Removed from my MT09 as they're just too small for commuting and i can't see behind me! I knocked one of them when i first got the bike so they have a small indentation underneath, but it's not noticeable when they're fitted and it doesn't affect how they adjust or move, it's highlighted in the...
  15. EeeTea

    EeeTea's Tracer Blog

    So folks, as I have done on other forums, I thought I would share my Tracer news, views, modifications, for the edification/ridicule of others :cool: Feel free to do either - I am well balanced (chip on both shoulders) and can handle the compliments and elation of my fellow Tracerites... but...
  16. Y

    Hello All...

    A few posts in and i thought i quick intro would be good.. I'm in West Yorkshire, been biking for a few years on 125's and did my Cat A a few weeks ago, first present to myself was a nice new MT09, 15 reg, Race Blu. :D It's got some Rizoma bits, the ubiquitous Akrapovic exhaust (baffle in! -...
  17. W

    Lowered seat option?

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I'm not from round 'ere... Seven weeks in to ownership of my Tracer, it gets bucketloads of admiring glances & remarks, not least from an elderly biker mate (79 years old, and fast -and sharp - as feck). He is mad keen on getting one (and soon -...
  18. Soapy

    We are both a bit Sore

    Didn’t get very far with my run today! Car pulled out in front of me at the Toll of Burness Junction just a couple miles North of Ellon (Aberdeenshire) Nearly got round him. Saw the two cars in front of him pull out so I backed off and sure enough he pulled out and once he saw me, stopped in...
  19. R

    New Tracer Owner (well secondhand)

    Hi Everbody Just got a 15 plate Tracer in Dark Grey.I came from a CBF1000FAC so Tracer will take a bit to get used to.Only done 60 miles so far and all is Good.
  20. LewFZ1

    Is it just me

    Is it just me or is this just not a very friendly forum, maybe one or two will have a wee bit of banter BUTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!