1. I

    Skid plate

    Anybody fitted an engine skid plate. I'm considering either the SW-Motech or the Cosmos. Has anyone fitted either or a different one? The Cosmos seems to only come in black but am waiting confirmation if it's also in brushed aluminium.
  2. B

    Yamaha MT09 Tracer Engine Bars 2015-2016

    As new. 4 months old. Surplus to requirements. All fittings supplied and instructions. German Made.very sturdy. Black. £55 or near offer plus £4 p+p UK (will post to EEC buyer pays P+P) currently £104 on the Motea site. NOW SOLD
  3. F

    Black widow exhaust

    Black widow exhaust (sold) Sold sold sold
  4. F

    Black Widow exhaust

    Just fitted a black widow full system to my 2 week old tracer.Fit and finish is spot on, cant fault it really and price was good at £339 with delivery next day.Only problem is its very loud(with the baffle in ) and the fuelling is now more snatchy than before with huge flames on the overun.Dont...
  5. D

    New member from France

    Hi all, I'm English but live in the Lot et Garonne in SW France. I have just traded my UK KTM 690 Duke and bought a new Yamaha MT 09 in black. I pick it up in 2 weeks so feeling quite excited. It is coming with full Akra, black sport screen and tail tidy, as I don't like the number plate behind...
  6. Hexme

    New Bike

    Well, took the tracer out for a ride and really enjoyed it, so my R1200GS Adventure is no more, I will miss it very much but since being ill its just too heavy for me :( I had the choice of all three colours, Black, blue and Green... Originally I put a holding deposit down on the black but...
  7. Mobil1

    Shiny bolts.

    Hi all. Has anyone else ad this happen. The security style bolts that hold the sub frame on are supposed to be black yes. Well I went and cleaned the bike and they have now become chrome like and shiny. All the black has come off. Not just one side but both. ?
  8. I

    Seen in Henley

    Anyone here with a black one in Henley today?
  9. N

    Mt09 2017 colour

    What does everyone think is the best colour for the 2017 bike. I like the tec black but also the blue. Can't decide which one to get.
  10. adewood

    Black Widow Exhaust (UK) ?

    MT-09 Anyone got one of these ?
  11. D


    Thinking about selling my as new 16 reg mt09 abs, 1000 miles mature owner, black and red. 2016 model any body interested? sensible offers thanks dave
  12. D


    Thinking about selling my as new 16 reg mt09 abs, 1000 miles mature owner, black and red. 2016 model any body interested? sensible offers thanks dave
  13. stevie996

    FS Arai Chaser V in Frost Black Size Medium-Brand New

    This is a brand new Arai Chaser V in Frost Black, size medium. Just a little to tight for me. It is unused complete with box, drawstring bag, manuals, sticker and the silicon. also has an used pinlock in the box. Asking £250 delivered. Payment by BT or paypal gift. Any questions to PM or to...
  14. duffy

    Powerbronze sport screen 270mm

    Dark tint, used for less than 200 miles. With black screws, they come with nasty silver ones as standard Bikes going new S1000R Sport on Tuesday £55 delivered. Can't figure out how to rotate the image on an iPad sorry. May sell the radiator side trims too, genuine Yam about £100 new from...
  15. N

    MT09 Street Rally

    Hi All, I've been offered a good deal PXing my bike against a street rally. It is the Tech Graphite (red, black, white) colour scheme and I was just wondering whether anyone has 'spiced' theirs up a bit? I'm not sure whether I like the colour scheme? I think the kit would look better black...
  16. O

    A5 Black Plastic Wallet

    Can someone tell me what the A5 size black plastic wallet is for that i found yesterday under the passenger seat up near the rear light, just seems a bit of a random thing to have on the bike.
  17. G

    Swingarm paint

    Anyone used touch up paint yet? Apparently Yamaha don't give codes etc. I think all of the swing arms are matt black. Any info regarding a good match would be helpful Cheers
  18. MT09-Smurf

    For Sale! Steelmate Parking Sensors

    This is a 4 sensor kit in black.. The model is Steelmate PTS400 and in black, it was bought, never fitted, comes complete with all cables, sensors, hole drill, fitting instructions etc... Just as it was off the shelf.... Except box has been opened.. If anyone is interested.. Pm me please £35...
  19. JT09

    Pyramid Plastics

    Hey Guys, Anyone seen the little fly screens that pyramid plastics do for the MT. Considering the little deep armor one or just the matt black as the deep armour might be a bit too much. ANy thoughts??
  20. JT09

    Radiator Gurads

    Hey everyone, So I ordered a black R&G radiator guard which will hopefully arrive in a week. I then bought some second hand Yamaha 'Side Radiator Guards' of E-bay, Obviously you've all seen the side guards before, they're silver and have the diagonal slashes along the...