1. RipGroove

    Strong paddock stand bobbins?

    I don't trust mine, they are all bent and I rely on them when the bike is parked up in the garage, it sits on one of those paddock stands that have dolly wheels on so I can push it right up against the wall in the garage. So can anyone recommend rear paddock stand bobbins that have nice strong...
  2. B

    exhaust stud bolts

    anybody got torque settings for exhaust exhaust
  3. atomic

    Street Rally OEM radiator shrouds

    Like new, with original decals ,bolts and fittings. £150 shipped 1RC-217B0-00-00 1RC-217C0-10-00
  4. Mobil1

    Shiny bolts.

    Hi all. Has anyone else ad this happen. The security style bolts that hold the sub frame on are supposed to be black yes. Well I went and cleaned the bike and they have now become chrome like and shiny. All the black has come off. Not just one side but both. ?
  5. P

    frame issues

    Hi I have just got my bike last week and have done about 400 miles so far but I have noticed on the right hand side of the frame behind the top rear engine mount in the recess there are two black security torx headed bolts and around the front one there seems to be a crack? this could just be a...
  6. J

    Handlebar clamp bolts .

    Can anyone tell me what size bolts are in the handlebar clamps . Looking at getting a ball thingy to replace one of them to try to mount my phone to use as a sat nav . Thanks guys , gals
  7. l34chy

    brake upgrade

    finally got to fit brembo rcs19 mastercylinder upgraded to brembo carbon ceramic pads wezmoto braided lines and remote adjuster . once they are up to temperature what a brake :cool: fitted titanium caliper bolts disc bolts banjo bolts and bleed screws ;)