1. V

    Sequential LED Indicators

    Over the winter, I bought some sequential led indicators. I've also bought the led relay, and the mounting adaptors. Before I start this weekend, can anyone tell me where the indicator relay is sited please?
  2. I

    Clean bike

    I have just got one of the best non biking piece of kit you can have and if you haven't got one I suggest you do. We all know cleaning bikes for some can be a chore but for others quite therapeutic plus it gives us the chance to check it over and make sure everything is ok. So after a good...
  3. andz

    Moving to the dark side... well, almost

    (I posted this on the FZ-6 forum but it seemed only appropriate to post it here too) After 13 years on my FZ-6, some months of deliberating, test riding, cajoling the wife and perusing the bank balance over and over I finally did it. I bought an MT-09 Tracer. Last weekend we had our annual...
  4. D

    New MT-09 owner for the worst of reasons

    Hi all, I've bought a new MT-09 today as my old bike (A Honda NC750S) was stolen from some time during the night. As is tradition I guess, I thought I'd join up the forum, and say hello to everyone before launching into all the usual new onwer questions :D I was actually looking at the Yamaha...
  5. B

    Height, or lack of it!

    I'm 5ft 11 and inside leg 31inches and when sat on the bike can put both front bits of my feet on the ground leaving the heels slightly off the ground. So I bought some new boots and while looking for them came across these. so I bought them along with these and now I can put both feet on the...
  6. V

    New blonde lass says hello

    Gotcha :D I am actually ugly old git :o Hello folks I am new here just bought MT09 can't wait to get it from the dealer :cool:
  7. O


    hi all new to this forum so be gentle with me oldtimer not to clever on pc:confused:just bought 2013 mt09.anyone give me any information how to fit carrier? oldtimer
  8. O

    My first post on the forum

    I have just bought a Tracer and are currently waiting for parts for my mods,lowering the bike 30mm with Wilbers fully adjustable rear damper and progressive springs in front,engine guard from touratech when aviable..waiting for my bar riser from Billet to install this week. have installed the...
  9. stevie996

    Street Rally knee pads

    Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Steve and I have bought an MT 09 after 6 years of being off bikes. All I can say is what a bike! I bought a 2015 ABS model in Matt Grey and took advantage of a discounted price/free bits and the Akropovic full system. I'm after some help, I want to...
  10. S

    Top box & rack for tracer which is best?

    As above ive been looking at racks for the tracer just wonderd what others had bought and what you think to them,cheers.
  11. W

    Hello from North Wales UK

    Hi everyone. Hadn't had 2 wheels for 35 years then my wife bought me a Yamaha XJ6n for my 55th. Great bike to get back into things. Did a few K miles on the 600 and bought myself a new 2015 MT09 Tracer with all the bells n whistles. Loving every second of it, especially as I live in Gods'...
  12. O

    wine from engine

    can any one tell me what the inter mitten whine is from the engine on tick over. have not had bike long. i did hear it on the demo bike i tried before i bought this one. it sounds as though it comes from the clutch housing. many thanks for any imfo
  13. Leader8745

    Hi from Cambridgeshire

    Hi all my names Jack. Recently bought an MT-09 to go alongside my R1 as my daily rider.
  14. D


    Hi all, just joined, i looked at this forum back in June, before i bought my mt09 sr abs, I read all about it and still bought one, i read about the flash's etc,I have done about 1600 miles on it now and it is a fun bike, tank range is a bit limiting but there are plenty of petrol stations...
  15. BDN

    Bandit to Tracer

    Hi all Rode a Bandit 650 for a few months before my son, who rides an MT-07, suggested a Tracer. Had a test ride.... Wanted one... Bought one :) In Lava red Looking forward to ride-outs & perhaps some touring BDN
  16. X


    Another question. Having looked at all the rack options, I think they all ruin the looks of the MT-09. Most of the time my Baglux tang bag will suffice, but for holidays I need to carry more. Has anyone bought a set of throwovers, please? And if so, what are they?
  17. B

    Brand new ohlins springs/20mm fork revalve kit

    ohlins springs/ fork revalve kit *PRICE DROP* brand new 90nm ohlins springs £85.00 brand new 20mm fork revalve kit £85.00 (all three for £150.00 ) brand new led indicators £30.00 springs and fork revalve kit bought from gp suspension usa,these make a significant difference to the handling...
  18. L

    Hola from Bristol, UK

    Just bought an MT-09 ABS to replace my R6 Raven. It turned up yesterday and I got to take it out for the first time last night. I wheelie like it! :)
  19. B

    New Tracer

    Hi, I've just bought a new Tracer. Picking it up Saturday or Sunday ;)
  20. P

    GIVI quick lock tank bag - Safety warning

    I bought a GIVI quick lock tank bag for the Tracer last week and installed it (I think the tank fitting kit is BF 23). Used it with no load and it was OK, but a couple of days ago I used it loaded and it came off while riding. Did some pushing and pulling and it didn't stay. I took it back to...