1. N

    Rear Brake Pedal Adjustment ??

    2015 MT 0-9 ABS. My rear brake pedal seems to be getting lower and I cannot see any way of adjusting it. The only adjustment that I can see associated with the brake pedal is for the purpose of adjusting the brake light switch free play. I suspect that the rear pads @ 13,000 miles are now...
  2. RipGroove

    Which braided brake hoses?

    I've managed to almost wear through my rear brake hose presumably with my boot somehow so I guess now is the time to switch to braided versions. Any particular brand noticeably better or worse than the others? Bike is a 2014 without ABS. Also I guess the twin front lines would be better than...
  3. N

    No rear brake light

    A little advice please..just done my first ride of the year, bike stored in my garage. Front brake operates the rear light, but not when I try rear on its own. All other lights, indicators, horn fine. Anything else I can do, or is it visit dealer? Thanks in advance.
  4. D

    Front Brakes

    The front brakes on the tracer always felt a bit spongy and didn't really inspire.. At all! I could easily pull the lever almost all the way in to the grip on all but the widest setting.. Being a new bike I never really though much of it, they worked well enough to bring it to a halt quick sharp...
  5. S

    2014 MT09 in Grey with a host of extras

    Having bought a new bike I am now selling my Grey 2014 MT09. One elderly previous owner and MOT until May 2018. The bike is in mint condition having covered just 5275 miles and has over £4k in accessories/extras fitted. These include: Titanium Akropovic exhaust. Maxton suspension front and...
  6. N

    For Sale 2016 Fluoro Yellow MT09

    Fully sorted MT 09 with Ohlins suspension and S Tec ECU flash complete with quickshift with auto blip on downchange. Just had service and handlebar clamp recall carried out, mileage 2500 will increase slightly Other extras fitted include Yamaha Akrapovic exhaust, Heated Grips, Engine protectors...
  7. K

    Braided Brake lines

    Has anyone fitted stainless braided brake lines to their Tracer? I am looking at perhaps buying a kit and doing the job myself. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
  8. O

    Boot and BRake lines

    Hi Guys Sadly my Mt 09 is no more after being taken out by a blind idiot doing a Uturn. I have a luggage rack and a set of braided brake lines (Wezmoto Full Length Race Front Braided Brake Lines Yamaha MT-09 2013-2014) up for grabs. value +-$450, happy to take $200 located in Terrey Hills, NSW...
  9. Unfazed

    Brake lever feel at the bar

    This is probably a stupid question, what should the brake lever feel at the bar be like, I had a VFR1200 and the front brake lever was rock solid and excellent braking. I can get my Tracer lever pulled back to the grip. Wondering if this is normal? I should have thought that with a new bike it...
  10. 5

    Brake pedal feedback/noise abs issue ?

    Hi, new to the forum and new to the Mt09 tracer. When I come down the gear box and get on the rear brake there's a lot of unpleasant feeling in that rear pedal. I guess you could say kick back. It was harsh enough to make me look down and expect to see something fouling ! I noticed a couple of...
  11. F

    Brake reservoir relocation

    I've decided to replace and relocate the rear brake fluid reservoir 'cos the original looks as ugly as sin IMHO :p Question is, can I mix Dot4 synthetic with the existing fluid (if there's owt left of it by the time I've finished re-plumbing!) and what works best (read: cheap and effective)...
  12. S

    Brakes pop ?

    Did I hear my brake calliper pistons just go pop ? I dont mean go bang, just a muffled pop, like you might hear if you put a cup upside down on the table. Bike is only 8 weeks old, and has sat in the garage for 2 weeks whilst it was damp and too cold to ride. Sunny day yesterday, got to end of...
  13. jezthomas

    Pedals too high - adjust

    The rear brake and gear change pedals seem really high. I've only had one bike before, a Ducati monster 620 learner, and those pedals were much lower than the foot pegs, and therefore much easier to use for me. When I testrode the MT I'd only just left the showroom when I had a big rear skid -...
  14. M

    Tracer brake performance and brake fluid change process

    Hello all, I don't know about the rest of you on here but my Tracer is a brilliant bike but the brake feel less bitey/beefy then i'd prefer. My first thought was that I might have a go a refreshing the fluid in the brakes as this has helped previous bikes I've owned, its looking a bit dark -...
  15. C

    Rear Brake

    Can anyone help? Had a puncture in my rear tyre. Took the wheel out and had it repaired and refitted the wheel with no issues. However the rear calliper does not want to line up properly and I cant get the brake to pump up. The calliper is not square and rocks rather than slides on the pins. If...
  16. A

    Rear Brake not working on brand-new bike

    Hi Folks, got my bike yesterday. Found out today. No leakage, reservoir 1/4 full, full brake lever travel to the stop. No braking. No warning light. Can it happen that the system is not bled properly at the factory? ABS prob? Will take it to the dealer but until then: any experience on that...
  17. D

    Core brake lines

    Brake lines finally arrived after paying £32 customs charge.robbing so an so's.
  18. D


    Will put these on as soon as my brake hoses get through customs.hope it's soon.
  19. G

    Possible cutting through of rear brake hose !

    I was cleaning my new Tracer the other day and noticed that the rear brake hose is tight on the underside of the rear footrest hanger, there is a mark showing where the edge has worn a tiny groove into the rubber, I got an old handlebar grip and cut a small piece to wedge between the top of the...
  20. T

    Dealer changed tyres now brakes feel different/brake light doesn't come on...

    Long story short - local dealer changed tyres on my 09 after I got a flat. I get the bike back and notice they've moved my brake lever setting. During the ride home I notice it feels like the lever is engaging further out than usual. Have also noticed that I can stop from 60kph with normal...