1. N

    mt09 fluo wheel cleaning

    just wondering if members owning a fluo with yellow wheels, find the cleaning a pain in the ass and how often they need cleaning not sure whether to buy a fluo or tech black, may worried the fluo will shit up here in the uk weather?
  2. G

    Mt 09

    Hi Sorry if my post isnt the right place. I had a crash 2014, rigt side. been driving with it for 20000km now, when in first gear, and i release the clutch, the bike starts to shake and will jump. The dealer said the reasson was the crash, but i crashed 20000km ago, and never had any problems...
  3. G

    Engine Mt 09 2014

    Hi Any one that can link were its posibel to buy , Engine, gearboxes for Mt 09 from 2014. Thx
  4. bikeral

    Would you?

    So this question is open to all MT09 variation owners. If something was too happen to your bike or you fancied an upgrade......would you buy another? Having brought my Tracer new in 2015 and 2 years ownership under my belt, would I buy another.....yes without doubt. I still don't think there is...
  5. D

    Handlebar muffs

    Have any of you guys fitted muffs to your bike and if so how do they look. I left house at 5am this morning and by the time I got to work the backs of my fingers were sore with the cold. I am going to buy oxford heated grips, but in my experience with them on my Versys you still get sore tips of...
  6. T

    Over or Yoshimura

    I want to modify my MT-09 exhaust. I'm wondering if I should buy over or yoshimura. Which recommend?
  7. T

    Where to buy cheap Yamaha parts inside EU (+UK)

    Hi, This is my first post in here. Have so far been reading a lot MT/FZ 09 related threads via Tapatalk without actually knowing which forum I was reading. I’m from Denmark and bought a used 2014 MT-09 in 2015. A few days ago I read a thread in the forum which caught my attention...
  8. T

    Mixing tyres

    Hi all its time for a new rear tyre after 3500 miles. Not sure what way to go, should i buy just a rear Bridgestone s21 as i still got plenty of life in the front s20 is it ok to mix s20 / s21? Or stop being a tight arse and buy a set of PR4s or somthing else. I am commuting through London...
  9. B

    Which bike should I buy, all three are Yamahas

    Hi, I'm in a quandary, a dealer is selling the 2016 MT 09 for about the same price as the MT 07 (£6234 OTR) and I am not sure which way to go? They are doing this because a new 2017 MT 09 is going on sale in December. I was unsure if I wanted an MT 07 or an MT 09 in the first place, now I don't...
  10. M

    titanium Akrapovic DB Killer

    Hi there Im after the DB Killer for the TI Akra. Anyone have one i can buy please? Many Thanks, Mike
  11. D

    XSR 900 Akraprovic Exhaust can anyone help !

    Hi Guys is anyone running a carbon race Akraprovic exhaust on there XSR 900 ? first of all is it worth the money, will the warranty with Yamaha still be ok ? where is the cheapest place to buy one I am in the UK , hope you can help Cheers Dayvee
  12. F

    Got one

    Hi Guys, Been watching this forum since I hired a MT09 Tracer in Portugal, I just had to buy one and here she is. Cheers - Garry
  13. R6owdlad

    Raceways Fleetwood

    Just have to say what a great bunch of folk these are. Have no connection with them but have been in for service, warranty work and new tyre recently- didn't buy the bike off them but I'm sure you won't find a friendlier dealership in Lancashire.... Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them
  14. LewFZ1


    I know I read a post somewhere about the Pros & Cons of using Muc-Off, I even commented on it . I mentioned a product I buy in Lidl out here in Spain. Anyway attached is a photo of said product, it is excellent stuff and cheap as chips. If you spot it in Lidl or elsewhere in the UK, buy it you...
  15. S


    Evening everyone :cool: Just signed up as I have a desire to buy a tracer, so doubtless have a million questions to ask along the way. 50 yr old, from Dundee, Scotland and currently have a super tenere and a 660 tenere, it's the super ten I'm looking to move on to buy a tracer ;) Enough for...
  16. stevecbr

    Exhaust gaskets

    Does anyone know if you can reuse the exhaust gaskets, or do you always need to replace? I'm currently modding a standard 2nd can bought of Ebay, will probably be changing it about quite a bit, so would be handy if I didnt have to buy new gaskets every time i swapped. I know some bikes use crush...
  17. M

    MT-09 Tracer - Service 'light' resetting

    Hi all Newbie here with first post and all that - please be gentle! MT-09 Tracer is the current fave on my shortlist of bikes to buy. When the salesman was giving me a tour of the dash / trip computer he mentioned it features a service reminder / mileage countdown thingy like you get in most...
  18. S

    Few Questions before I buy a new Tracer

    Hi all I am thinking of buying a Tracer. Unsure of whether to go for a used demo or buy a brand new model. I am hearing about the fact that the bike is restricted. Is this the case in the UK? is it just the top speed? if so what is it limited to or are there any other restrictions? I...
  19. T

    full akra on ebay (including cat) £450

    not mine and nothing to do with me, but a bargain at £450 buy it now, buy it now price goes when bidding starts so I thought I'd let someone on here know if they are quick they will grab a bargain, :) taffy
  20. R

    To buy or not to buy

    Hi all just wondering if anybody regrets buying the mt 09 . I will be deciding on where to get one next week abs model in Orange .