1. JohnD


    Added a bracket under the fairing mount to fit my car GPS.
  2. LewFZ1

    So who likes beer and what have you really liked

    Pinched this from the proper fazer forum. Seeing as we are bikers I have no doubt a few on here may like the odd pint now and then, not while riding of course. Tried this last weekend while watching Liverpool hammer Crystal Palace at footie. I was in the car but had sense enough to call a...
  3. Soapy

    We are both a bit Sore

    Didn’t get very far with my run today! Car pulled out in front of me at the Toll of Burness Junction just a couple miles North of Ellon (Aberdeenshire) Nearly got round him. Saw the two cars in front of him pull out so I backed off and sure enough he pulled out and once he saw me, stopped in...
  4. B

    tracer headlights

    just got back , first time i've rode the bike in the dark, those l.e.d. lights are amazing !!! the best lights i've ever had on a motorbike , as good as the car ,with h.i.d.lights
  5. groundhog

    This is what I learned today !!!

    Always remember there are idiot car drivers about ! I took my nice shiney Tracer for it's 600 mile service this morning, then on the way back home some stupid TW*T in a car took me out on a roundabout...............'I did not see you' she said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the bike is a bit of a mess...
  6. R6owdlad

    Sat nav case/mount

    - SW-MOTECH Used for car sat navs on the bike. Hope the link works. Anyone seen or tried or got one of these? Interested for your comments if you have Thanks Tony
  7. razz

    for fXcks sake

    evening all , due to a traffic collision , traffic was queued for mile upon mile as i took it easy with the filtering and the overtaking of the stationary traffic , within 100 yards of passing the incident , a stationary car waiting the other way decides to let out a waiting 4x4 , you know the...