1. M

    Suspension options UK

    Hey, I have spent the last couple of weeks investigating suspension options for our bikes, mine is a 2016 MT09. pricing seems to have changed a lot since most of the threads were made so I thought I would update my current findings as of this week. So, I contacted a few different suppliers...
  2. O

    oil for andreani fork cartridges

    Hy lads. have got hold of some new andreani cartridges for MT 09. can any one give me any advice on fitting these to bike. Do you have to use ohlins oil as have been told that ohlins is only for track use. also read that you have to set up pins that are under the fork caps before you fit to...
  3. H

    Stock fork oil on MT-09, what SAE number?

    Hi, do you know somone what SAE number fork oil is original(stock) in MT-09 forks? I have made 2 right cartridges modification with Hyperpro progresive springs and put in 10W Motul fork oil factory line with 145mm oil level and i think it is too heavy? So do you know what is the number of...
  4. highlander

    Deepest Aberdeenshire

    'morning from the Shire! picked up a 2015 with ABS, 2k miles last week and I'm one 100 mile ride into ownership. This is the most modern bike I've owned by a good ten years or more, and it shows - what a motor! Need to get fuelling sorted either by sending ECU away for reflash maybe here...
  5. W

    Re: Aftermarket suspension- Andreani cartridges and Ohlin's shock

    Re: Aftermarket suspension- Andreani cartridges and Ohlin's shock Dear All, Has anyone fitted this kit:- Some guys in the US have fitted the cartridges and reckon they...
  6. derek28862


    cheapest place to get rear shock and front cartridges
  7. F

    WANTED stock right hand fork cartridge

    Anyone fitted aftermarket cartridges? Want to sell the OE unit?