1. Q

    ixil twin hyperflow XL full system

    Sadly had to sell the bike as needed some new teeth and still have the exhaust to sell on, It was only on the bike for a month before i sold it and it transforms the sound, both baffles are removable but i found with both in was still beautiful, the small scrape on the bottom is from a curb...
  2. Kinjane

    2014 MT09 ABS for sale £4000

    2014 MT09 ABS sold 2014 MT09 ABS sold
  3. Jetty

    Centre stand for Street Rally with Acrapovic?

    Hi - Is possible to fit a centre stand to a Street Rally with an Acrapovic already in situ? ...Looks a bit packed down there...ooer...and perhaps the end of the pipe is that much lower than standard. Any ideas?? Thanks Jetty
  4. T

    Tracer Centre Stand Wanted

    Recently bought 3 month old ex-demo Tracer, has come without centre stand has anyone got one they don't want that is for sale Desperately hoping Tony
  5. G

    sw motech centre stand

    Has anyone got pics of the stand fitted and in the folded position? Thinking of getting one but would like to know how it looks before buying Thanks
  6. F

    SW Motech centre stand

    does anyone have one fitted with an aftermarket exhaust?