1. Russ Quinlan

    Chain and Sprocket Time

    Time to get the old chain and Sprockets off over Christmas, had a Stealth on my Blackbird for a while to time to do the same on the Tracer. Hopefully it all goes smoothly !!
  2. stevecbr

    Changed the chain and sprockets at 29500 miles

    Changed the original chain & sprockets last night, chain was getting tightspots, and setting the chain slack at the tight spot meant I was getting about 50mm slack at the loose spots! Used one of those cheap ebay breaker/riviter tools (about £12) and everything went well, soft link flared out...
  3. stevecbr

    Sprocket advice, JT or Afam?

    Need to change chain and sprockets soon, now done 29000 miles and starting to get a tight spot. I have a choice of DID VX gold chain X ring with Afam sprockets, or same DID chain with JT sprockets. Only £1 difference between them, just wondered if JT or Afam or better? They are selling for £98...
  4. sweetthdevil

    drive chain dust?

    Hello all, As you can see from the pictures the bike is covers of some sort of fine dust around the drive chain - like it is grinding something. I cleaned/ lubed and tension the chain two weeks ago and removed the front sprocket cover to clean and check that the drive chain wasn't grinding...
  5. Toppie

    Replacing OEM chain adjusters MT-09 Tracer

    I've replaced the Monkey-Metal OEM chain adjusting blocks on my Tracer. Much easier to use! See link below........... Motorcycle Drive Chain Adjuster.wmv - Google Drive
  6. Littlebruv

    Left foot rest hanger

    I have the Tracer 900 and would like to know if anyone knows if there is a cover made for the gap on the footrest hanger to help stop chain spray from going through it onto gear change pedal or boot
  7. T

    Yamaha mt 09 cam timing help

    Long story short my cam chain tensioner went my chain stretch and my timing moved , I need to no witch is cylinder 1 and witch timing mark goes were , there is 3 logos on the timing sprocket , 20s , I , e does any have a picture from the manual or of there own
  8. M

    Engine warning light

    I joined this forum because I did a search for Euro-4 details and then saw a post advising people to put their bikes on the centre stand, spin the back wheel by putting the bike into gear and applying the brake to see if the front brake lever also affected the back brake. Murphies law kicked in...
  9. S

    Chain oiler £24 eBay

    There is a chain oiler on eBay number 262931000585 under motorcycles parts & accessories it gets 100% feed back and positive comments anyone got one? I dropped on it by chance as I was looking for bits to make one as I've done it before and it worked well using a primeing bulb,in the past I've...
  10. LewFZ1

    Bit of tweaking today

    Had a wee bit of a fettle to see if I could improve the oil feed to the chain, think this should do the trick nicely now.
  11. R6owdlad

    Chain care/lube/ACF50

    Hi all Am a bit particular about looking after the chain. I clean it on a regular basis then use Wurth dry lube then after that I coat it with ACF 50. Apart from the rust protection it also keeps the chain looking good. Anyone any thoughts on this and what are your ways of looking after your...
  12. LewFZ1

    Cleaned chain today

    Nothing strange about cleaning the chain. I had a good go at it today removed the front sprocket cover for the first time since I owned the bike. I run with a Tutoro oiler which is a great bit of kit.I was amazed though at the amount of oily residue around the front sprocket and engine casings...
  13. V

    cheap and cheerful aftermarket CNC chain adjusters?

    Question does anybody have tried this chain adjusters? Chain Adjusters Tensioners Catena Aluminum Gold For 2013-2016 YAMAHA MT-09 FZ-09 | eBay I am after some cheap and cheerful aftermarket CNC chain adjusters. And I ain't paying £200 for sure for bit of CNC that is made in the same Chinese...
  14. Q

    Got my 09 today!

    Hey all ! just got my red 09 today first impressions, so light and easy to ride, gearbox is the worst ive ever felt and ive had some shitters, hoping its a new bike thing. whines in 6th like a bitch , will check chain but would hope garage did that ?? so if your in SE kent and see me about...
  15. B

    Chain tension again

    Hi guys . Just tightened my chain to manufactures instructions. I have seen a few posts about chain tensioners deforming when tightening rear wheel . I've had three attempts now , and each time the left hand side task turned slightly after I tighten wheel nut . Some of my other bikes have had...
  16. Soapy

    Chain Adjusters

    This should maybe in the Tech Section (MOD'S feel free to move it). Had a puncture today so got a set of PR 4's fitted well pleased with them. Not so pleased with the Chain Adjusters after the Mech adjusted them. He apologised but stated that he just torqued up the wheel nut to the correct...
  17. S

    Tracer chain adjuster blocks

    I've just adjusted the chain on my tracer only to find on the sprocket end of the spindle turns against the block marking it and also tightening the chain as it spins,I've got round it by holding the sprocket end with an adjustable spanner while my daughter tightened the nut which I've done to...
  18. highlander

    520 chain conversion

    Anyone fit a 520 chain and sprockets? Have references for parts? I changed my TRX850 from 525 to 520 and saved 0.5kg, which on the fast spinning stuff was very welcome. Slightly quicker to rev. Not for A mode novices? haha
  19. F

    R&G Chain tensioner Blocks

    So Friday I got some new PR4's fitted, whilst fitting the back wheel I screwed the cheese blocks (chain tensioner blocks made from Edam I think) I had read somewhere on this forum someone had used the R&G, I had a look and they seem more practical since the axle head is captive both sides and...
  20. O

    What chain

    anyone knows what size chain is on the Tracer how many links and what size 525 or 530?