1. Unfazed

    Navigation apps for the phone (android)

    HI there, anyone using a phone app for navigation when touring and what's your thoughts? I've read up on a few but the reviews aren't the greatest, just wondering if anyone can recommend one. Cheers!
  2. Crazytown

    Rear Wheel Spindle Torque

    Anyone know the correct Torque setting for the Spindle Nut? Cheers
  3. M

    Tracer front disc query ?

    Hi there, got a hopefully simple question for the Forum, are the Tracer front discs "handed" or are they both identical ? Thanks for your help, cheers, Mike
  4. B


    Hi from Limassol. Off to order my MT-09 today! Cheers!
  5. Hexme

    Service Stuff

    Just a couple of questions as I don't have the bike or manual yet. I take it tyre pressure are the usual 36f/42r? Oil 10/40 semi synthetic? cheers guys.
  6. BUZZ

    MT09 Tracer 2015 suspension for sale

    Original front fork inner's and rear shock for sale Changed out at 1000 miles No idea what these are worth but in the way now so any offers Cheers
  7. S

    Mt09 street rallyrack

    I need a rack for the mt09, does anyone have any recommendations or have you tried the cheapos from China, i need it for the rally season? cheers Ian
  8. Watty2017

    Handguard replacements

    Having read and experienced the size and lack of protection from the handguards, can anyone recommend replacements? Cheers
  9. W

    Akrapovic baffle

    I am after an akrapovic baffle db killer, part no akv-tuv142, if anyone has one. Cheers
  10. Chuck Thrillseeker

    Whats the Difference between the 2015 model and the 2016 model?

    Hi am still in the process of choosing my MT-09 Tracer and wondered what did Yamaha do to improve/tweek the 2016 model over the 2015 one cheers Chuck
  11. S

    Fork spring change

    I know many of you have done this can you tell me what tool you used to compress the spring to get to the nut. I can only see the laser one for about £19 part number 2353 i think. I don't want to commit to buying if its the wrong one. cheers Ian
  12. R6owdlad

    Chain care/lube/ACF50

    Hi all Am a bit particular about looking after the chain. I clean it on a regular basis then use Wurth dry lube then after that I coat it with ACF 50. Apart from the rust protection it also keeps the chain looking good. Anyone any thoughts on this and what are your ways of looking after your...
  13. C

    Mirror Extenders

    Hi chaps, can anyone advise on mirror extenders for the tracer? anyone tried something different? All I can see is my arms. Cheers.
  14. C


    From up North UK, County Durham Have a 2013 mt09 with a few mods, and absolutely love it. Also have a 09 R1 and a few other bikes. cheers
  15. R

    Tracer Lowering Links

    I am looking for a set of Lust (25mm) lowering links for my Tracer 900 can anybody help? Cheers Ken
  16. S


    Fork springs hyper pro, ohlins or k-tech or hagon? rear shock wilbers, ohlins,hyperpro nitron or k tech? I way about 14.4 stone with gear on which would be cheapest option of those above ? CHEERS
  17. T

    what colour

    as the facebook page what colour should i paint this as i have run out of ideas cheers wayne.
  18. L

    Mt09 tracer

    Hi may i ask if theres other rear shocks from other manufaxturers that fit the 09 tracer, is is anything available dor 250 ish? Cheers
  19. K

    Hi from Oxford

    Hi, I am a Honda owner but I am helping my brother to restore a TDM900 and he also has a MT-09. Wonder if I can swap, and came here to see if I can change. Cheers guys. Kasken
  20. P

    New on here

    Hi Guys ... Picked a new Mt about 6 weeks ago as the deal was too good to be true...loving the bike ...have several others but this has a characteristic all of its own and is a hoot Interested to see what mods are available Cheers Pete