1. A

    Assist and slip clutch

    Any one managed to fit the 2017+ assist and slip clutch to a 2013-2016 model ?
  2. El Bandito

    Clutchless gear changes

    When I first got my Tracer I was less than smooth with my gear changes while I was finding the bite point of the clutch so I tried clutchless changes. They were very smooth going up the box, even from the lower gears. I don't do it now I've got used to the clutch but I was surprised at how good...
  3. Mobil1

    Adjustable billet Levers.

    I've added new adjustable foldable extendable brake and clutch levers. Great bit of kit. I changed to these as o needed to adjust the clutch lever in to stop my thumb falling off. They've done the trick.
  4. M

    Hi from new zealand was wondering if anyone having trouble with gear changing?

    Im sometimes having trouble between 2nd and 3rd and between 5th an 6th.theres no difference if i use the quick shifter or clutch,sometimes it takes 3 or 4 attempts to select required gear.seems to be worse when higher up the rev range.Im hoping it will settle down with a few more kms on the...
  5. T

    Where to buy cheap Yamaha parts inside EU (+UK)

    Hi, This is my first post in here. Have so far been reading a lot MT/FZ 09 related threads via Tapatalk without actually knowing which forum I was reading. I’m from Denmark and bought a used 2014 MT-09 in 2015. A few days ago I read a thread in the forum which caught my attention...
  6. EeeTea

    Heavy Clutch - Modification

    This is an excerpt out my EeeTea's Tracer Blog (located in "The Bar" on this forum) , but thought it might be useful to post here too, under modifications, in case someone else is looking for a solution... I absolutely love this Tracer, I've really bonded with it. The only other bike I loved...
  7. flydnb

    Anyone tried an XSR900 CLUTCH?

    In their MT 09 ?
  8. B

    Clutch noise? Only 650miles

    Hey guys I've got a 2016 mt09 with traction control and I've only done 650miles. The problem I'm getting is clutch is really noisey in neutral ! When I engage the clutch it stops. I'm looking for a fix either an upgraded clutch to eliminate this in the future or is it a fault. I have heard they...
  9. H

    MT-09 clutch noise

    Hi guys ! This sound is normal ?? ( The noise starts with temperature 80°c+ (before that not hear). My bike this with the same noise. It is witch 102KM (New bike) Thank you.
  10. L

    New exhaust

    From motad in Walsall. Very happy it was a bargain (£350) and sounds absolutely monstrous. I'm not sure about fuelling tho as it stalls sometimes when coming to a halt on idle with clutch pulled in and pops and bangs on over run something wicked :cool: but I'll be getting it mapped soon
  11. stofer

    Clutch not fully disengaging

    I noticed something strange: When the bike standing on the centerstand, rear wheel in the air, motor running in idle, in 1st gear, I pull the clutch lever al the way, but the rear whell keeps turning slowly. I tried to adjust the clutch free-play to minimum and tightened the lever-adjusting-bolt...
  12. J

    Clutch plate noise in N & clutch out

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone else has noticed the clutch plate noise when the bikes in N and clutch fully out? The noise goes away while the clutch is in. I asked the dealer at it 1000k service and they said its normal in all the MT09's... Is this so?
  13. S

    Gear Downshift issues. Any ideas please !!!

    Can anybody help me to understand my strange Gear Changes !!! Cut a long story short. Whenever I am in 4,5 or 6th Gear, and I brake hard (not downshifting, just pull in clutch) and come to a quick standstill, I cannot see on my display what Gear I am in, goes blank, and I cannot downshift at...
  14. LewFZ1

    Timing Chain

    I know this has been done to death , I have tried using the search link either I am really thick and doing something wrong but getting no links. I noticed yesterday that I have a rattle when I was stopped at a junction and when I was moving off it sounded like a nose you would expect to hear...
  15. emptyoh9

    Crashed damaged clutch and oil pump covers

    Hi guys and gals, Finally got my new covers fitted onto my bike and don't plan on keeping the old ones. Not sure if they'll come in handy for someone else. I have a clutch and oil pump cover for sale on eBay if anyone is interested or knows someone that wants them. I had them both on the...
  16. S

    Clutch cable snapped at only 2600km from new !!!

    I bought the bike new from Yamaha Podgorica (Montenegro), MT09 Tracer. Love the bike. Had first Service at 1000km, now at only 2600km clutch cable snapped !!! I am not a maniac rider as have been keeping bike from new below 5000rpm until run in. Am I seriously unlucky or has anyone else had...
  17. Yam MT 09

    clutch cable adjustment

    hi all , just a quickie , had first service and the mechanic said that he had adjusted the clutch , ok no big dramas . the other night whilst cleaning the MT I noticed the adjuster on the lever and was a bit surprised to see how much of the adjuster has been used so far !! (see photo ) has...
  18. jay86jay

    Engine stall

    i have done about 2000 miles now but as soon as i hit about 1600 i had two occasions where the engine would stall for no reason. took it to the dealer and they didn't have a clue. first time i was riding up my road, started slowing down from 30/35mph to pull on to my drive, went from 3rd to 2nd...
  19. flydnb

    clutch slip

    anyone else having clutch slip on there MT tried adjusting etc , but I think I need heavier springs , interested to see if anyone else had issues ?