1. W

    Another KevXTX 02 Controller

    Another KevXTX 02 Controller (now sold) Sold Sold Sold - thanks Andy!
  2. B

    Tail/Brake light controller

    Has anyone come across something similar available in the UK which allows a single additional LED light to work as tail\brake light? The IQ-260 Tail/Brake light controller is a stand-alone version of the controller used in our P3 rear lighting system. Skene Lights - motorcycle safety lighting
  3. C

    Kevxtx O2 controller

    If anyones interested £45 postage inclusive in the uk, works a treat but have now had ecu flash so no longer needed .
  4. R

    Wireing heated grips.

    My dealer fitted my heated grips onto MT09 Tracer, but a friend wants to wire his after market grips the same way. Question is there and where is the controller to wire grips into so that they will work through the computer menue. Any help please?
  5. D

    oxford heated grips

    Hi All. Has any one got these fitted? just wandered where anyone has there controller fitted. can't seem to find a decent place to locate the bracket for the controller without it looking naff so if anyone can post a picture of theirs it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. garethevans

    MT09 Tracer 02 Controller or Flash and O2 Delete

    Hi Everyone I know this is something that may have been talked to death on here but I'm going to ask it again.. I'm a newbie to these bike so apologies!! I'm looking at sorting the low down fuelling on my Tracer and wondered if its best to run an O2 Controller or have a flash undertaken and a...
  7. dism

    O2 controller installed

    Last week I installed Kev's O2 controller right after getting the Tracer from the dealer and riding it home for 95 km's through the pouring rain... So, can't really say something about the bike before the controller (didn't really experienced any annoying snatchiness, many talk about) but with...
  8. Locksmith

    Is the MT-09 the best bike I've had?

    I'm not usually one for performance modding. Whilst I loved the std MT I felt I wanted to change it for the better. Ohlins shock and fork springs have transformed the handling. I still have some fettling to do but its all good. Kevs o2 controller and an EJK fuel controller have turned the...
  9. Locksmith

    Looking forward to the Spring

    Must say I'm looking forward more than usual to the warmer weather. Only rode the bike once on the ohlins and have now fitted an EJK fuel controller and Kevs o2 controller. Cant wait !! (Southern softie summer rider) :)