1. B

    Puig Touring Screen and PowerBronze

    Puig Touring screen - Used for 4 months - great used condition, includes the bracket etc, no scratches. This screen completely solved my issues of wind noise, and provides amazing weather protection. Can ride at the speed limit with visor open no issues. Cost £125 Pyramid Plastics Online -...
  2. T

    MT09 Tracer Low Seat

    as per the title, a factory option low seat, used for 1500 miles only, still boxed, and with the original wrappings. £225 from Yamaha, grab a 10 week old bargain at £125 so saving you £100 Postage at cost (it's a BIG box). Collection from York available too. 07815 683535 will get me.
  3. F

    Black widow exhaust

    Black widow exhaust (sold) Sold sold sold
  4. B

    24000 mile service

    Hi just had my MT09 TRACER a 24000 mile service and 5 valves needed to be re shimmed,so total cost was £565.00. expensive , never paid as much for any of my cars !!:cool:
  5. T

    post cost only

    Genuine yamaha engine crash protection plastic things, free to good home as both the left and right have been ground out on the track, only suitable for road use and then i dont think they will do much, i paid over £160.00 for them doh so message me and i will post them cheers wayne or pick up...
  6. Tempest

    GPR Furore Slip on

    Just completed fitting this to my bike. Very nice can and cheap. I managed to get another complete OEM exhaust for £100 so the total cost was less than £320. No CAT or db killer and wow does it sound nice.
  7. M

    Tracer parts for sale - Lots of quality items!

    Clear headlight protectors left - all others sold Yamaha Mt-09 Tracer FJ-09 Headlight Protectors Made In The Uk,Clear - A1 condition hardly used £12 inc postage ---------------------------
  8. scotscoot09

    goodies for sale

    hi guys, ive decided to trade in for an MT10 and going to sell some of my desirables, as the dealers usually dont see them as beneficial (price wise) so here goes. -andreani fork cartridges (cost me £350/ covered 2500 miles/ what a difference they make, fully adjustable, honestly the front...
  9. C


    Just fitted H.M. Quickshifter, why I here you ask ,well its because lifes to short, and as somebody on this site says I like to save milliseconds cost £266.:cool:
  10. C

    SHAD seat for sale

    I have a Shad seat for the MT09 in nearly new condition for sale. I've hardly used it because it's too low for me and I've had a custom made raised seat made by Top Sellerie so I no longer need this one. It cost me £250 and I'd like to get £120 and postage will cost £10 to anywhere in mainland...
  11. C

    Anyone with a Tracer in or near West London? Custom parts coming ...

    So, not sure if anyone has seen my thread in the main MT09 / Custom forums? It started with me asking what parts people might be interested in and I was asked to look at something like the Yahama bar risers that are fairly pricy (£200 for a set). So long story short, came up with a 3 part...
  12. R

    Folding bike trailer for sale

    I have a 2012 Motolug HDE single bike trailer for sale. Only used once, it comes complete with lights, loading system, ratchet straps, spare wheel, the whole lot. Cost £775 new, want £500. Am in Kent. See here for more details... Motolug Collapsible Motorcycle Trailers - HDE Heavy Duty Single...
  13. A

    Handguards removed

    I have removed the hardguards and now I can filter much easier and the feeling much lighter. I used mt-09 naked bar ends (cost 40 euros ).
  14. motorcycleboy

    10.000 km service..

    As the title says i just did the 10.000km service in my MT.. After long discusion with my "oil guy" i bought ELF MotoTech 10w50 again. The reason is that for 5000km i had smooth and quite changes in gearbox, stable engine temperatures and when it came out was silky and oily a lot when i touch...
  15. Locksmith

    Fork Oil ?

    Acquired some ohlins fork springs off of a member. Ohlins recommend their 01309 oil which is 19 centistoke at 40 degrees (WTF?) Now that's not readily available and no doubt will cost a fortune so what SAE fork oil should I use? I'm guessing 5 or 10W ?