1. Unfazed

    Tail pack for Tracer

    HI all, I know there are many tail packs out there but does anyone use a tail pack that fits well on the back? All I need it for is a few bits for work and enough room for a couple of bottles of wine (!) Kriega looks good but bloody expensive for what it is. All suggestions welcome.
  2. W

    Gel seat pad - recommendations

    Ok so after a couple of hefty trip on the Tracer I am giving serious consideration to getting a gel (or similar) seat pad. There are a couple of points on my anatomy that get really sore on a long ride and spreading my 13st around a bit more evenly might be a good idea... anyone tried anything...
  3. andz

    New Tracer owner, a couple of questions

    So I have had my new Tracer for almost 2 weeks now and have a permanent silly grin on my face. I do have a couple of questions though. Has anyone managed to fit a Stebel Nautilus horn on the bike and where did you hide it? I noticed that the vertical sections of the mirror stalks are not at...
  4. S

    I.o.m 2017 deaths

    I watched Hutchy last night win another TT it was great to watch I really enjoyed it but at the end of the program they said there had been 3 deaths in the last couple of days which really put a downer on my thoughts about the tt.
  5. W

    New member from Vancouver Island, Canada

    Been lurking here for awhile, finally signed up. Bought my Raven 2016 with 1450km on the clock, put a couple hundred kms on and tore it down to send the ECU for a flash and began the mods. Very happy with the results so far!
  6. R

    MT09 2017 Headlight Question

    Hi, I am looking at buying this years version, but one area of concern is around the headlight at night and what appears to be a couple of people having issues with the light showing the corner. Here is one of the links: MT 09 ,FZ 09 2017problem with the lights Cheers
  7. Y

    Plastic rivet things

    I've broken a few of the pop-in plastic rivets that hold the underseat panels, i'm not really wanting my pants pulled down paying a quid each for them from Yamaha (I mean really 89p each?) I've seen generic multi-bike-ones on ebay for a couple for quid for ten, but was unsure how well they'd...
  8. C

    New Tracer Owner

    Evening all, just joined after buying myself a Tracer. Middle aged lifelong biker. I have to be honest, I wasn't looking for a Tracer but started reading up on them after seeing a highish mileage (23,000) model on EBay. The reviews sounded great, and having had a few Triumph Triples over the...
  9. Steely

    Hello from Norfolk

    Hi all, New member, due to collect my MT09 next Tuesday from Tinkler's in Norwich. I signed up here a couple of weeks ago, and have been trawling the site learning what I can about the MT from the knowledgable people here before I get it. I've liked the look of the MT09 since it first came out...
  10. stevecbr

    12000 mile service

    Spoke to my dealer today, he quoted £185 for 12000 mile service, so same price as 6000 mile service. Just wondered if they changed plugs at this one, I have checked my handbook and it says they are replaced. I am also wondering on servicing it my self now, it will be 2 years old in a couple of...
  11. S

    Thinking of coming over to the Dark Side

    2008 I traded in an R6 to get my current CBR600RR. 15000 miles later, its been all over the Alps with me, but I havent been on tour this year, and the bike just seems to be sat in my garage. The weather in the north of the UK doesnt help, nor do dangerous inattentive car drivers. And at 62, I am...
  12. T

    suspension settings for big person

    Hi. So i have spent a couple of Days surfing around various forums and threads about the setting on the mt-09. But i still have the same question and it may very well be beacause of my stupidity but here it goes: what should i set my front suspension to as i weigh 105 kg +gear, aprox 115...
  13. Locksmith

    I've probably said it before....

    ...... But what a feckin awesome bike the MT is. 150 miles of A mode fun in the sun. Roll on a couple of weeks when we hit the Alps together :)
  14. TommyM

    Hi from the new guy

    Hi everyone, I got my MT09 about 2 weeks ago and i'm trying to burn through those 600 miles as quick as possible so i can let it off the leash! So far i'm loving it, its great to be on a bike designed from the ground up as a road bike rather than a race bike with high bars. A little about me...
  15. B

    Sw motech kobra handguards

    For Sale/SW Motech Kobra handguards Good morning co-niners! I am selling my brand new SW MOTECH Kobra handguards for our bike. Nothing wrong with them I just don’t like the style of the bike with the handguards on! Wrong judgment when I bought them I guess. I put them on, went for a couple of...
  16. D

    Sticker cheap mod

    couple of stickers very cheap