1. F

    For all the 2017 tracer owners

    Just got one of these Yamaha MT09. Diagnostic Plug/Cable. | eBay So now i can read and erase fault codes without going to dealer. You can use one of these to read erase codes OBD2 OBDII CAN BUS Car Diagnostic Engine Fault Code Reader Scanner Tester Tool | eBay
  2. El Bandito

    2017 Tracer engine warning light

    Out and about today when I noticed the engine warning light was on. I was near my dealer so went straight there to get them to check. Seems they've had a few like this. They asked me if I'd been running the bike in gear on the centre stand. I'd just washed it and cleaned/lubed the chain with...
  3. andz

    Moving to the dark side... well, almost

    (I posted this on the FZ-6 forum but it seemed only appropriate to post it here too) After 13 years on my FZ-6, some months of deliberating, test riding, cajoling the wife and perusing the bank balance over and over I finally did it. I bought an MT-09 Tracer. Last weekend we had our annual...
  4. I

    Nobody reads these, right?

    Hello! I've had many bikes over the years, most of which were sport bikes. Along comes my move to Greece, and I see the 2015 Tracer at the dealer. I have to have it. It was a demo model and everything and I didn't care. Love it. Great riding position, great motor, but the suspension is...
  5. bumpyride

    Australian MT09/XSR900 recall

    just got the recall for the lower handle bar holder here in OZ , Got a text not an official letter obviously saving the planet or just to tight to send in the mail. There is no mention of the tracer, so maybe Tracer owners here might want to call their dealer just giving you the heads up.
  6. D

    Is this a good trade in price from 2015 09. to 2016 09 tracer

    Hi, bought my 09 ABS brand new March last year. I am happy with bike, but tbh , I had not long had it when I started wondering if I should have went for the tracer as it had a few things different on it that I quite liked the look of. I saw a 2016 09 tracer on the website of my local Yamaha...
  7. R

    Dzus fasteners

    Hi I've gone and lost one of my Dzus fasteners from my 09 Tracer. It's 6mm x19 or 20mm. Does anyone know where to get them other than an expensive dealer.
  8. V

    MT09 to list, ECU dealer reflash

    Hi guys, I am new here excuse the lame question list. I just bought 2014 MT09 ABS, is there any way I can find out what is my current ECU map does it have been reflashed at all? Secons question do I need to do ECU reflash with me dealer? Finally is there a recall list for MT09 at all...
  9. V

    New blonde lass says hello

    Gotcha :D I am actually ugly old git :o Hello folks I am new here just bought MT09 can't wait to get it from the dealer :cool:
  10. Jetty

    How about this for a stroke of luck...

    I rode down to the MotoGP in Misano, mostly alone and off-piste at the beginning of September. On my casual way back, sticking to an alpine route and country D roads of France, I paused in Auxerre for a reasonable lunch...then set off on my way past Sens and Saint Clement on the D606 when I felt...
  11. kzxr

    New to the MT-09 will get it this week!!

    Hi people, I've got my MT-09 abs tc reserved ready to collect hopefully in the week, if not next Sat. Have had a Ninja 600 from new for nearly 19 years and this week I test rode the MT-07 and my mate had the XSR900. I loved the MT, great fun chucking it round bends on the back road to Bromyard...
  12. highlander

    Paid dealer £6300 for 1yr old, ABS with <2k miles

    Not a terrific deal but I was kind of stuck for choices and it seems to be in line with what I found from dealers on autotrader, MCN, etc. Had a 2005 Daytona from this dealer for two days and on first real ride the oil cooler blew its guts and could have had me off ... suffice to say I wanted...
  13. Stripy

    Chorley Yamaha

    Hi Guys, Have any of you had any dealings with the Premier Yamaha dealer in Chorley (near Preston, Lancashire, if anyone should be in doubt)? Thinking of replacing the MT-09 with a newer, just want to hear of there is any inputs to take into consideration with this dealer Cheers,
  14. J

    Clutch plate noise in N & clutch out

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone else has noticed the clutch plate noise when the bikes in N and clutch fully out? The noise goes away while the clutch is in. I asked the dealer at it 1000k service and they said its normal in all the MT09's... Is this so?
  15. K

    New member with warranty question.

    Hi everyone, im Kim from Norway! Traded in my 2002 Yamaha XT600e this year for a brand new MT09. Im very happy with the bike so far, but i have a question in regards to warranty. This might be asked several times before, but i cant find the answer im looking for. I asked my dealer if i needed a...
  16. LewFZ1

    Frustrating delay

    Just had a phone call from the dealer I bought the bike from. I was supposed to collect it on Thursday(tomorrow) The dealer is multi franchise outlet. I knew the early MT-09's had a fuelling issue so I asked if this bike had had the ECU? updated as there had been a Yamaha recall. The dealer sent...
  17. D


    For sale.....New full Akrapovic titanium exhaust system. This system is completely new, boxed and unopened. Supplied through main dealer. Going on ebay however prefer to sell through forums. £700.
  18. M

    Tracer tyre-kicking newbie

    Hi all you folks out there, Test rode a tracer last weekend and loved it, what a bike! Got a 1200GS that I'll be selling soon so I can get my hands on a Tracer. Saw a great Race-blu for sale at a local dealer on Friday, 6 months old, 2000 miles and mint condition. Can't wait to join the dark side!
  19. T

    Akra TI Baffle Removal

    Hi guys, I purchased my MT09 last week from a dealer around 35 miles away from me, and it came with the baffle out (was given the baffle to take home). After riding it for a little over a week I decided it's pretty damn loud and wanted to see what it's like with the baffle in. Long story short...
  20. T

    Hullo gents

    Thought I´d say a quick hullo. Yet another Scandinavian ready to make your eyes bleed with broken English. Anyway,bought myself an MT-09 as my first motorcycle. Bit more oomph than planned,but it felt nice, is easy to ride and the dealer is nearby so I went for it. Lots of useful info here,and I...