1. V

    Jerky ride fixed

    The bike lately was very jerky ride. The engine was almost cutting off at times. Very unpleasent. To the point I almost crashed on a bend. I was thinking that this may be dirty injectors. I have used injector cleaners on my different cars but never was able to tell the difference before and...
  2. O

    Remap Mt09

    Hy lads. I know this has been covered on here so many times but would just like to add my experience. when I bought the bike from Motts of Basingstoke I had the Yamaha remap put in found not much difference rearly. then went to the Kevex co controller and found it did improve it and made the...
  3. F

    New member from scotland

    Hi guys picking up my mt09 tracer next sat had a test ride yesterday and loved it.I am trading my hayabusa for it so will be a big difference in power but need to slow down a bit before i get jail.Will post up some pics when i get it.
  4. highlander

    WANTED: Owner's Manual

    Unfortunately my MT didn't come with one. :mad: 2015 ABS, so I guess I need one that refers to the ABS functionality (if there's a difference) I want this for completeness and operating the dash, I'm going to get a workshop manual too ... cheers, H
  5. C

    Grab rail removal

    Have fitted a givi rear rack for the topbox and decided to remove the grab rails as it looked a bit busy. Pillion says it make a huge difference to comfort as they don't dig in. Also think it improves the look if I'm totally honest. Anybody else done this?
  6. Unfazed

    Hand guards

    So there I was, quietly filtering through Old St roundabout when I saw a gap, thought it'll get through there (of course it will) and SNAP! Thought, what the hell was THAT! Anyway, cut a long story short snapped the plastic that holds the deflector on the RHS handlebar. I ordered a new plastic...
  7. R6owdlad

    Normal unleaded or premium unleaded

    Just wondering what the concensus of opinion was.... Is it beneficial to use premium unleaded and pay the extra or do you not think there is any difference? I tend to put premium in but have used the normal stuff and can't say that I noticed any difference between the two. Cheers Tony
  8. donut

    MT07 vs MT09 short video

    For those that are interested, here's a short video to show the difference in speed between my MT-07 and an MT-09 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9KpGiEWZSs
  9. derek28862

    yamaha remap

    Just got back from dealer with the remap done and made a lot of difference in std mode haven't done A mode yet
  10. T

    which seat ?

    those of you who've got a comfort or street rally seat, is there much difference and which is more comfortable ? thanks
  11. J

    Termignoni at last

    Well had the bike since June and have saved up the pennies and bought the Termignoni carbon pipe, think I'm going to wet my pants if I don't get this thing on today! Anyone else got one is there much difference with the race db killer in over no db killer don't know if to put it in. Also...
  12. S

    Akrapovic Titanium v Carbon

    Apart from the obviously looking different is there a lot of difference with noise and power etc. ?