1. RipGroove

    Kevxtx o2 sensor controller mod (UK)

    ***SOLD*** Kevxtx o2 sensor controller mod (UK) *** SOLD *** Removed from my bike today as I now have the Woolich Racing ECU flash with o2 sensor delete. This o2 mod is perfect if you want to smooth out your throttle a bit without having your ECU flashed. Very easy to fit (Kev's instructions...
  2. grizzwald


    Anyone know of any ECU flash/mappers in Scotland?
  3. C

    Kevxtx O2 controller

    If anyones interested £45 postage inclusive in the uk, works a treat but have now had ecu flash so no longer needed .
  4. W

    New member from Vancouver Island, Canada

    Been lurking here for awhile, finally signed up. Bought my Raven 2016 with 1450km on the clock, put a couple hundred kms on and tore it down to send the ECU for a flash and began the mods. Very happy with the results so far!
  5. C

    Ecru female terminals

    Hello guys dose any know the size or part number for the female terminals that are used on the main ecu plug.
  6. G

    S-Tec for Flashing

    Being a new member and having read several threads on here about ECU Flashing, i wasn't too sure, I took my standard 2016 Tracer down to Simon of S-Tec in Newbury on Monday and spend a brilliant morning with Simon as he carefully dismantled my bike and then flashed my ECU. My ride back to North...
  7. bikeral


    Hey all New member here. Had my tracer nearly 2 years, still enjoying it after it replaced my trusty old FZS600! Looking into flashing my ECU. Few questions. Could somebody give me the pro's and con's and does it effect MPG Anybody know the latest price Thanks
  8. V

    MT09 to list, ECU dealer reflash

    Hi guys, I am new here excuse the lame question list. I just bought 2014 MT09 ABS, is there any way I can find out what is my current ECU map does it have been reflashed at all? Secons question do I need to do ECU reflash with me dealer? Finally is there a recall list for MT09 at all...
  9. J

    ECU Flash

    I love the engine on the Tracer but I know because of EU emissions laws the poor thing is being strangled, and a recent 1600 mile trip down to the French Pyrenees just confirmed this. On the slow twisty mountain passes in low gear the engine felt as if it was constantly "searching" and not...
  10. Jetty

    ECU Flashing.

    Hi all - Having followed the recommendations on here, and in particular from TRIPLE TROUBLE, I feel I must further promote the ECU flashing services that he pushes on here. Last week, within 10 days of buying my '15 MT-09 Street Rally, I was booked in and on a 6 hour round trip to Berkshire for...
  11. N

    Any mods recommended

    Picked up my 16 MT 09 last week and love it, want to change exhaust and get ecu flashed, questions are, is there an ecu flash for 16 MT 09s and which exhaust to consider
  12. R

    FT ECU Flash Tuner for sale

    I just sold my MT-09 and I'm also selling the Flash Tune ECU re-programming tool I used to sort my MT out. This Interface allows you to easily adjust the following! Remove ECU Restrictions Engine Braking adjustments High Load Fuel Maps (with PC3 and PC5 map importing) Low Load (cruising) Fuel...
  13. P

    MT-09 Tracer after ECU flash

    Just testing it at the dyno :)
  14. C

    Ecu flashing

    Well been out for a test ride at last on my now flashed ecu and can only say that its transformed the bike so much smoother and responsive! Money well spent cheers simon @s-tech performance! If your thinking of having it done do it its worth it!
  15. C

    Ecu flashing

    Hi all. Has anybody seen the guy on eBay that does ecu flashing for mto9 by post for 115 pound? Is it any good seems cheap price. The name it gives is Doug bravi?
  16. M

    How to remove Tracer ECU (for re-flash) ?

    Eyup chaps, I would very much appreciate any guidance from you on how to go about removing the ECU on the Tracer, as I'm planning a re-flash (By Simon @ S-Tech) and need to remove the ECU to post it off. I've done various searches on this forum and the T'Interweb but not found owt as yet. I'm...
  17. C

    Ecu flash

    Hi just registered tonight! Got mt 09 brand new this may and love it! Best fun bike I've had for some year's! Anyway am interested in getting ecu flashed. Have read on here a certain popular person called triple trouble can sort this out for me?! Don't wanna send ecu in post don't trust that...
  18. jezthomas

    ECU Flash Options Questions

    I know, I know; more stuff on flashing, sorry. I searched all over the forum but couldn't find answers to the below, so would appreciate some advice. A few questions on the various options I can choose for an ECU flash - what do they mean and why would I want it done? 1. Disable AIS valve: I...
  19. tundrah

    Hi from Poole

    Hey all, had my Tracer for 3 months now and am still loving it, obviously. :) I really need the Akra exhaust system, it's way too quiet as standard. Will be investing in a new windshield first, this wind noise is doing my head in, me being 6'5" might not be helping. Really interested in the...
  20. LewFZ1

    Frustrating delay

    Just had a phone call from the dealer I bought the bike from. I was supposed to collect it on Thursday(tomorrow) The dealer is multi franchise outlet. I knew the early MT-09's had a fuelling issue so I asked if this bike had had the ECU? updated as there had been a Yamaha recall. The dealer sent...