1. woodie100

    What engine bar protection do you have??

    Hi I want to fit engine /crash bar protection to my new bike 900 Tracer3016 and have found these on ‘Fleebay’ Any thoughts on what’s best for all round protection and also reasonable price? Item number is - 372032391577 Thanks all���� JonB
  2. M

    Fitting Givi Engine Bars

    Hi, I have bought some second hand Givi Engine bars from someone who had an MT-09 Tracer but sold it and kept the engine bars. I have the Givi instructions, but as usuall they are pretty minimalistic! Can anyone who has fitted the engine protection bars give me a description of what to do to...
  3. L

    Engine light on after fitting Black Widow exhaust

    Friend of mine dropped her 2017 MT-09 in with me this morning for fitting of the full Black Widow exhaust (with baffle in) and a K+N air filter. Everything fitted up perfectly, but on starting the engine management light stays on - she also says it splutters and farts at 2500 but that clears the...
  4. MT09vietnam

    Oil for MT 09 2017

    hello guys, I'm a newbie, please tell me what kind of oil engine for MT 09: Motul is ok ? thanks all from vietnam
  5. R

    MT09 Tracer 2015 for sale

    MT09 Tracer 2015 £5600 For sale is my 2015 MT09 Tracer, it has done 11000 miles and is in excellent condition. The front seat has been modified with a memory foam insert and is a lot more comfortable than standard The ECU has been flashed with the following done • Disable the top speed limiter...
  6. M

    Engine warning light

    I joined this forum because I did a search for Euro-4 details and then saw a post advising people to put their bikes on the centre stand, spin the back wheel by putting the bike into gear and applying the brake to see if the front brake lever also affected the back brake. Murphies law kicked in...
  7. paulb3375

    HEED Engine Bars

    Anybody got these? Just spotted on ebay and they look good, come with clip on bags too (i'm easily persuaded). Looking for options to mount spotlights rather than engine pars per se, but would be interested to hear opinions.
  8. G

    Engine Mt 09 2014

    Hi Any one that can link were its posibel to buy , Engine, gearboxes for Mt 09 from 2014. Thx
  9. T

    Newbie (although oldie) from Easty Yorks

    Having been there done that since my AP60 in 1976, I've just sold my collection of high maintenance, but ever so satisfying 70's 2 strokes, ad spent some of the profit on a 900 Tracer. I tried the XCXlow (being the wrong side of 5'5") and it was Ok, but then someone suggested looking at the...
  10. M

    New 2017 MT-09 Engine problem?

    Hi everyone, Just looking for a second opinion from any mechanical types here as I think there's something wrong with my new 2017 MT-09 AU model with Akrapovic Titanium exhaust (fitted by the dealer). From day one I've noticed the engine is quite rough\hesitant when not fully on the gas. It's...
  11. A

    Engine squeal?

    Hi guys (gals, are there any on here? :-) ) I have just bought a 2014 MT09 with just under 2000 miles recorded, bike runs absolutely fine with no issues. However, on starting from cold, there is a rather annoying loud squeal that comes from the right side of the engine, around where the clutch...
  12. S

    2nd bike choice?

    I've decided to get myself another bike something that's a laugh I've looked at Hondas crf250l off road abilty cheap to run but expensive to buy not much power,I also fancy ccm644 dual sport with the Suzuki engine anyone got one? I would like another street triple early round head lights model...
  13. N

    Sticking red engine start/stop switch.

    Has anyone tried removing from the bars the combined red engine start/stop switch as mine doesn't spring back following starting the engine ? I am sure it just needs cleaning and lubricating, but I am wary if I open the switch it's contents, springs etc. might fly out. I have tried WD40 down...
  14. S

    South Yorkshire

    Hello I've owned my Tracer for two weeks now and only managed a couple of hundred miles so far. I've ridden bikes for the the last 40 odd years and accrued many thousands of miles touring around the UK. Bike over the last 15 years have been VFR800,FJR1300 and XT1200Z. Age and no pillion has...
  15. I

    Rough engine at lower revs

    Hi do other riders gave a rough sounding engine between 3 and 5,000 revs? I have a 2016 Tracer
  16. J

    MT09 2015 hard start and stall

    Hi everybody. I have an MT09 still running stock everything. After 7000km, it start to very hard to start when the engine warm and when i fill up my tank. I spend my time to firgure it out. I ride for a while, mostly cruise in the city. When the engine hit 105, fan kick in. I kill the engine...
  17. A

    motorcycle stretching

    Good day, coleagues, I am new here, new with motorcycles and new with tracer 2016. I have one annoing feeling with my bike. When I am riding at constant speed and at constant engine rpm, i feel stretching/twitching/surging. When I am slowing or accelerating everything is ok. The chain also is...
  18. J

    ECU Flash

    I love the engine on the Tracer but I know because of EU emissions laws the poor thing is being strangled, and a recent 1600 mile trip down to the French Pyrenees just confirmed this. On the slow twisty mountain passes in low gear the engine felt as if it was constantly "searching" and not...
  19. relz

    Busted Engine

    I was taking my bike out for a spin, a couple of days ago, when suddenly there was a strange grinding :eek: sound and the engine cut off. Immediately I pulled over with the bike is steaming up from burned oil, which leaked over the hot exhaust pipes. I had no idea what went wrong, and where...
  20. kzxr

    New to the MT-09 will get it this week!!

    Had a go on a XSR900 and fell in love with that engine!! Can't wait to get hold of my MT on Saturday or maybe sooner! Mark Redditch